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Components for joomla download - components for joomla free download

Akocomment Akocomment Akocomment

Joomla Component AkoComment is a mod (component) for Joomla, which is designed to add comments to articles on sites with this engine.

Mosets Hot Property Mosets Hot Property Mosets Hot Property

Joomla Component Mosets Hot Property is a component for Joomla that will provide full functionality on this engine for creating and managing real estate selling sites. Detailed sections with a detailed description, the ability to create user galleries for each property (apartments, cottages, houses.

EZ Autos EZ Autos EZ Autos

Joomla Component EZ Autos - a component for Joomla, which will ensure the creation of a site for live cars. Avtosite will have all the features - the creation of user accounts, upload photos of cars, payment module and other functions.

SEF Advance SEF Advance SEF Advance

Joomla Component SEFAdvance is a component for Joomla, which is intended to substitute the URL of the pages of the site, making them more search engine friendly. Instead of the usual for Joomla URl, which has a set of numbers and technical words will be used either specified, or based on the page title, if the site is in English.

Joomla Tags v0.6 Joomla Tags v0.6 Joomla Tags v0.6

Joomla Component Joomla Tags v0.6 is an advanced tagging component .

opensef_v2.0.0 opensef_v2.0.0 opensef_v2.0.0

Joomla Component opensef_v2.0.0 is a Russified component of generating SEO (SEO) friendly links for Joomla .

JoomlaCloner JoomlaCloner JoomlaCloner

Joomla Component JoomlaCloner is a backup component of Joomla sites.

AutoStand Pro 3.0 AutoStand Pro 3.0 AutoStand Pro 3.0

Joomla Component AutoStand Pro 3.0 is one of the most advanced systems for selling cars. It has the most flexible configuration and the greatest functions.

Auto exp v1.3a Auto exp v1.3a Auto exp v1.3a

Component auto exp v1.3a for Joomla allows you to create a website for the sale of cars on this CMS. This mod for Joomla is integrated into the engine. All installation instructions, as in all other archives, can be found inside if you download this file. Any design is easy and simple.

iJoomla Magazine v2.0 iJoomla Magazine v2.0 iJoomla Magazine v2.0

The commercial component of iJoomla Magazine.v2.0 integrates into the Joomla engine and, on the basis of this engine, is designed to create a full-fledged store that is not inferior in its capabilities to the most popular online store scripts. The archive contains a PDF file with a full description of the installation and management in English.