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Workstation promotion site

You can receive permanent advertising for your site for free. We offer a unique opportunity - to open your own workstation promoting sites .
A workstation promoting websites will allow you to attract a lot of visitors to your site daily, which will use the station to advertise and promote their sites on the Internet, as well as your website. Every 15 seconds the participant will press the button and in a special window the site chosen by us for its viewing will be loaded. At the same time, his site will also be viewed by unique visitors. But 10% of the number of earned views will go to advertise your site.
It is worth noting that placing your own Workstation on your site is very prestigious and solid . Advertise your Workstation to promote sites and this will allow you to multiply the traffic of your site many times.

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Service for promotion and popularization of sites on the Internet

This is a specialized service for promoting and popularizing websites on the Internet, by automatically registering the site in catalogs, search engines, ratings of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and far abroad.

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