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Twitter announces Tweet Button

Recently, the popularity of twitter is only growing. There are entire sites that accompany this service, they bring in something new, as well as individual projects that only publish information for those who use twitter.

Most bloggers, and even large sites, use this service. It's easy to see, for those "tweet" buttons that are in the news and articles.

Twitter анонсировал Tweet Button Previously, such a button could only be made through third-party services, but twitter decided to take away some of the pie from them and created its Tweet Button . With the help of Tweet Button, visitors to the site will be able to share the article with their readers on the microblog. The button has three different external views: horizontal, vertical and without a counter. In order to create a convenient button for tweets on your site go to Tweet Button , where we select the form, choose the language (there is no Russian), we get a code that can easily be inserted into any site.

For Datalife users, you will have to make a number of edits so that the script works correctly. We offer you a ready-made version. You only need to copy it and place it wherever you want the button to appear.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<a href="" class="twitter-share-button"
data-related="anywhere:The javascript API"

Interested persons can see the full list of the button's parameters on the page Tweet Button FAQ .

!!! It is advisable to copy widgets.js to itself on hosting, and to call the link from the root ... So it will be faster :)