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Ucoz Grabber 1.0v, Steals news from ANY DLE sites and adds them to yukoz


UCOZ Grabber 1.0v for sites in the uCoz system, steals news from ANY DLE sites, without using RSS feed, the ability to "steal" news from the entire site, as well as upload pictures to your site standing in the uCoz system. It has its own admin panel using AJAX, PHP is required to work with the grabber, that is, a simple server installed on the computer (Denver, AppServer, Vertigo and others).

Instructions for using the grabber on your computer:

[ grabber.rar ] [ grabber.rar ]

2. Download topserver: [ ] [ ]

3. Install topserver on your computer

4. After installation, the Local Disk (: T) appears on my computer.

Go to this disk at T: \ home \ localhost

5. Create a folder and throw all the files that are in the grabber folder that you downloaded in step 1

6. Change the config.php file; it is located at T: \ home \ localhost \ grabber \ config.php

We change only:

/* Сайт на укозе */
$_cfg['ucoz']['site'] = ''; // без http://

/* Логин (администатора/модератора/репортера) */
$_cfg['ucoz']['login'] = 'lvr';

/* Пароль */
$_cfg['ucoz']['password'] = '';

7. Restart your computer

8. Go to any browser and enter your internal IP / grabber - example

9. An almost empty page __ will appear in front of you. Type above the site “enter the site from where to pull news” on where to get the news (the grabber takes news only from the page that you enter, that is, if you enter the main page of the site, he will take news only from the main !!!) after you have entered the address of the page, press enter __ a page will appear:

If you selected all news from 1 section, just click in 1 news section where to add and click Add all news.

10. If you did everything right on your website, you will see news!