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Validators - Check site for errors

Hello webmasters! I offer you lists of tools for professional website creation. These are validators, linkers, programs, managers and other services that will help you build a professional website with clean and competent code.

List of validators

Site check for errors

  1. W3C MarkUp Validation Service
    Online HTML and XHTML validator.
  2. Validome
    Online HTML, XHTML, and XML validator.
  3. A Real Validator
    HTML validator for Windows; offline version of WDG HTML Validator .
    Error checking in HTML code.
  5. XML schema validator
    XHTML 1.0 validation of XML schema documents, with error detection not found by other validators.
  6. SP
    James Clark's multi-platform SGML parser which contains SGML validator nsgmls.
    Dave Raggett's free cross-platform HTML cleanup utility.
  8. BBEdit
    Validation and HTML editor for Macintosh and also contains an HTML validator.
  9. Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
    Allows site creators to see pages through tag filters, which allows to identify vulnerabilities and errors and to achieve cross-browser compatibility.
  10. Web Page Purifier
    Allows authors to see the page "cleared" and customized for HTML 2.0, HTML 2.0 + Tables, HTML 3.2, or webtv 1.1
  11. Watchfire WebXACT
    HTML availability check
  12. W3C CSS Validation Service
    Free, easy to use CSS validator.
  13. W3C Link Checker
    Check for links.
  14. LinkAlarm
    A site is a link to a report by e-mail.
  15. Netmechanic
    Connects, tests and verifies HTML links and sends an email.
  16. HTML PowerTools
    Windows offline program verifying links and containing quasi-validator.
  17. Watchfire WebQA
    Link checker and site control controller for Windows.
  18. MOMspider
    Perl-based link checking and analyzer for Unix.
  19. CyberSpyder Link Test
    A Windows program that checks hyperlinks.
  20. Linkscan
    Server-based checking of hyperlinks for UNIX and Windows NT.
  21. Robots.txt Checker
    Online syntax check of robots.txt file
  22. Web Link Validator
    Hyperlink Validator for Windows.
  23. Open Directory HTML Validators and Debuggers
    List of different validators.

A variety of site checks for errors, tests and validators.

Accessibility Checker

Check the entire site - General

Check in different browsers and HTML versions

Rights Check - Legislation

Link Check - Linking

Load Time Test - Load Time

Search Engine Position - SEO

Website Validity - Validation

Miscellaneous Checks - Miscellaneous

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