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It’s better to get 1% of the efforts of 100 people,
than 100% only from your own efforts.

J. Paul Getty

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For Webmasters:
- From the sale of links on each page of your site, regardless of the distance from the main page.
- Auto + webmaster can choose the right advertisers for each page.
- Moderators of the system check each link for compliance with strict requirements for website promotion.
- New pages of each site automatically go on sale daily.
- For completing assignments.
- You independently select tasks from the list of free tasks (10 types), complete and immediately after moderation, the system receives a reward.
- You can compose a semantic core, anchors, titles and descriptions for registration in catalogs and social bookmarks, rewrite texts, duplicate texts using a free generator, translate texts into another language, write texts from scratch and much more.
-% for attracting referrals: webmasters, Internet marketers, freelancers.
- For attracting webmasters, website promotion specialists, and performers.
- We pay a generous lifetime commission for promoting the site of the system!
- Registration in the system is closed - entering an invite code is required. A new user will not be able to register directly. Promotion of our site will not be left without reward!

For marketers:
- 10,000 direct links for website promotion cost from $ 9 per month.
- The transaction price is fixed and cannot be changed by the seller.
- Satellite sites with a guarantee of uniqueness of custom content.
- Reviews on blogs, content forums.
- Unique content from $ 0.09 per 1000 characters.
- SEO site analysis, express usability test.

Attracting a webmaster’s partner to the system, you get 13.3% of all “ksap” accrued to him for life, that is, in fact, you will receive forever a tenth of the advertising space on his site. Because still few webmasters know about the XAP system, and in a year, according to our plans, tens of thousands of sites will participate in it, there are many opportunities for attracting webmasters to the system. In addition, you will receive 10% of the “ksap” purchased from the system by your advertiser. The commission for attracted partners is charged at the expense of the commission of the system, which is only 25%. It is forbidden to register your own sites through your affiliate link

We know the main disadvantages of affiliate programs existing on the Russian-speaking Internet:
- confusing rules that make earning unlikely, using various restrictions, for example, a minimum limit for payment, restrictions on the subject of sites, etc.
- the risk of being "banned" for the slightest violation of often confusing rules - for example, for the incorrect, from the point of view of the administration, placement of an ad unit. In fact, the administration can simply look for an excuse not to pay honestly earned money to the partner.
- Mandatory special referral links that make it difficult to attract partners from sites, blogs and forums.
- restrictions on the accrued amount for each partner involved (for example, in the Runner) - but you have attracted this partner and would like to receive a percentage of everything that he earns for life.
- small commissions. Usually affiliate programs share only 5-20% of the system commission. Is this an equal partnership?
- difficulties with the use / withdrawal of accrued commission.

Having 7 years of experience in developing affiliate programs on the Internet, we tried to create the ideal affiliate program - i.e. devoid of these inherent flaws in regular affiliate programs.

Forget about not so loved by many referral links! New technologies have made them optional (although they are also provided by us, for example, to attract partners through mailings, through signatures in forums, or among acquaintances via ICQ). Forget about the minimum limits for payment - in our affiliate program there is simply no such concept!

The affiliate program is aimed at attracting new participants and advertisers to the system. Interest is paid for life. For attracting a participant, you are charged 13.3% of all the “caps” that he will earn in the future. And if the advertiser buys "ksapy" from the system, then you will receive 10% . This is almost half the system commission! The rules are extremely simple - no "bans", possible "markups", restrictions.

The user of the system can transfer the accrued ksapa to another ID - another user or system. Transfer commission is not charged. There are daily restrictions: the maximum amount of transfers per day for security purposes is 1,000,000 (1 million) ksaps per day ). Those who want to transfer ksapy to other users in exchange for wmz or other title marks publish their offers on the Exchange.

Currently, the management company TNX Corporation (USA) offers users the opportunity to buy kaps from webmasters and freelancers at 1.00 wmz per 1000 ( course wmz = 28.5 wmr), and for those webmasters who follow all recommendations for link placement (links in different places of the page, etc.) - at the rate of 0.01 wmz for 1000 more.

Timing: Transfers to WMR-purses are usually made in 1-2 business days, to WMZ-purses - in 5-7 business days from the moment of request
( Priority is given to payments in WMR due to the fact that the main income to the system from advertisers goes to WMR).

NEW! You can also pay with ksapy our services:
- The most popular exchange in Runet for posting articles with the largest database of sites - more than 30,000 sites. Promote in a comprehensive way!
(1000 ksap = 1 wmz on the account of Liex). Ksapy should be transferred to ID 119634163 and write a ticket to the calipers indicating the logins.
- for registering RU domains (1 domain = 4000 ksaps, which must be transferred to ID 119584175 and notify the caliper with login names).
- for automatic registration in 2600 directories (auto-registration of 1 site alone = 4000 ksap, registration by a service specialist = 13000 ksap. Transfer kapy to ID 119619964)
Crediting within one working day after notification of the caliper with login details).

We do not recommend selling your sales to advertisers cheaply (on average, the price of direct sales on our Exchange is now up to 1.25 wmz per 1000, depending on the amount). If you transfer ksapy not to the system, but to another user, then we recommend that you do the transfer only after receiving an advance payment , otherwise you act at your own peril and risk!

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