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Xara WebStyle 3 - perhaps the best program to quickly create your homepage

Xara WebStyle 3 is perhaps the best program for quickly creating your main page and executing it in an original uniform design using ready-made stylized elements. The abundance of different templates should satisfy any novice web designer. The full version of the program 24.7 Mb, serial number: 912565269169 can be downloaded from here: In the design of this site, I used this particular program, the trimmed version is not advised because it does not have access to the library with templates .. If you are still not happy with the design of your site, then the WebStyle program should solve most of your problems, and without special effort. Any object can be inserted directly from the Dreamweaver menu, but you can edit the Java script only in the WebStyle itself ..

In the BannerAds menu, you can quickly make your banner from blanks: Thus, in Webstyle you can make almost any element of your page: menus and navigation buttons, banners and logos, simple headings and 3D, backgrounds and photo overlays, dividers and pointers .. In addition, you can create these elements in the same style , using ready-made libraries of web graphics in the program or download them from the Internet .. This is how the Webstyle panel in Dreamweaver looks like:

small collection of background pictures: