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Funny sms, sms congratulations, sms jokes [page 3]

I'm not sad, I'm sober!

What is the difference between men's and women's pants? In the men thrust their legs, and in the women's hands!

It's better to be the first Maya than the eighth Martha! ..

I want you! I want to turn your head, drag you to bed and make you feel hot and you moaned for a week! Your flu!

At the moment, 2 million people are sleeping in the world, 1 million is eating, 0.5 million is making love and only one person, whom I love, reads my SMS.

Use your mobile in rubber gloves and then you are not afraid of sex on the phone

I'll come to you at night, get under the blanket. I'll find your sweetest place and I'll suck it for a long time. Your harmful mosquito!

You undress with my arm timidly, soon see the desired body, you are the most beautiful, my only favorite potato in my uniform.

Congratulations! You won a gypsy girl in the lottery! If you do not take the prize within 14 days, we will send a whole camp!

Click down, click again. OK. Else. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -aaaaaaaaaa also here. yes-a .o fuck. harder continue like this. oh yeah-ah-ah-ah- It was GSM-seks

Sveta does not shine, Masha does not wave, Lyuba does not love, Katya does not roll.

You know - with a hangover worst kolobok - it all hurts!

I'll tell you what I'm saying - I'm explaining it on my fingers! Average see?

I fell in love with the penguin Not only, but half - Half lower - Bright, mobile

CAUTION - MAY NOT UNDERSTAND THE JOKE: I will not ignore one thing, I have the courage to do it, YES I WANT YOU to WANT, but you know, less than I would like.

From a woman you never know what to expect - a girl or a boy

I need a corpse, I chose you, see you soon Fantômas !!!

We tore off Mishka's paw, so that he would not touch the girls, because Mishka is very sexually preoccupied!

We'll buy a house by the river, We'll put some nodules here. We'll play cards there, Heroin trade, We'll sniff and smoke We'll live awfully.

From the words of the witness, she hit her head on the ground with a fall. Conclusion: contusion of soft tissues of the left buttock