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Funny sms, sms congratulations, sms jokes [page 5]

What is it: in white lace, mooing and on the ground crawling? //////////////// The answer: the bride's bride

We, the girls, like telephones. We like it when people take us everywhere with us and talk to us, but if you press the wrong button, then you will be disconnected !!!! Smile happy

Press 1- get oral, press 2 - get standard, press 3 - get petting, press 4 - you will not get anything. Well, if you want everything, dial my number!

It's so slippery when you squeeze it! Pink, like my body .... so tender in my hands! .... no ... it's not what you thought! This FA soap is in my soul!

The recipe for love: 500 grams of passion, 300 grams. love, add kisses and hugs to taste. The dish is ready. Note: try two in bed Smile happy

Who wants to become a millionaire ??? Can we play? QUESTION: Nobody likes you, because you 1) snitch 2) bore 3) much tupish ... 50/50 call a friend? CALL ME I KNOW THE CORRECT ANSWER !!!

In connection with the congestion of the network, you are transferred from the MTS network to the Beeline network, the balance of your account is canceled.

The battery and the keyboard are exhausted. Urgent buy a new phone

Tore teddy bear paw to the girls did not paw, because the teddy bear is very anxious

Once a cold, cold winter, a horse with a piped-off flickered to the fence, and she leaped and kicked the horse away and pipiska remained

Love is a disease that requires bed rest.

Your eyes are like cones of gemmoroy ... And day and night do not give rest!

I do not promise vodka, but we'll take a walk for glory. Ivan Susanin

What do you go, do not go in? And you go in, do not you sit down? And you sit down, do not go to bed, And lie down, do not you give? And you give, you get up, you leave, What do you go, do not you go ????

I drank a bottle of wine and pee released in the field ... pushed on the back of the head - it was on football :) ))

Treat sex with humor. He did not get up - they laughed and bainka!

Do you think Don Giovanni can conquer everyone? HA, what kind of childishness? !! In fact, he simply can not refuse anyone. SMSka from the girls :)

I draw in the dean's office vazeline the word ENOUGH!

I sit on the toilet, loud-loudly croak, why so much eat and so little cocoa :( (

Yesterday I suppressed all my sexual desires, so much so that only a wet place remained.