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Funny sms, sms greetings, sms jokes [page 6]

What is it: in white laces, moos and crawls on the ground? //////////////// Answer: nazvrashsya bride

Yes, you have already cooled to me, I will not kick your dead body, Only with gentle sweetness I will warm Your lips with cold lips!

The roof claps its hands: "Thank you all, good plan"

A blanket escaped, a sheet flew away, And a pillow, like a frog, I ran away from me for a candle - she went to the stove I was for a book - that one would run away

I wanted to send you something beautiful, gentle, erotic, clever and fun, but I do not fit on the screen.

caramel is twice as tasty - if Schmal has been boiled in it

body to body is a sweet affair

Thank you heart, that you know how to love so much. Thank you liver, that I can still drink

You are welcomed by the GSM service + economy. We put a vibro call on your phone, stick it into the jo .. and check! Bzzzzz ....

You know that: a body immersed in a body loses its flexibility and releases fluid!

30 years-playboy
40 years-PLAYMAN
50 years-PLAYOFF
60 years-GAME OVER!

My heart cracked me for you. Come and see what is hidden inside.

To myself, I seem weightless when I cling to your hands, my big boy and weighty, almost one hundred and ten kilograms!

I want you. I want to stay in bed with you for a week. I want your body to burn, I want your body to sweat. You will be only mine. YOUR FLU

I want you again and again ... how can I imagine that I will light you up and we will join you in the same way ... I will get high ... never ... never give up ............. ......................................... SMOKE !!!!!!

I always ask myself, where do angels live: in heaven, in the air, or on earth? But one thing I know for sure: one angel now reads this sms and smiles gently ...

Your look is mysterious, and your look is foggy. You are unique, brilliant, sexy! All this is true, but you do not get conceited! Still, joke, love and smile.

I'm tired of being silent and hide my feelings! I'll tell you this
i am
I love
I love you
I love you
i love teaku

High in the mountains lives girl Goryanka! In her mountains grows a heap of a glade. He blows shoals, plasticine rolls. Well, when at all heaps enough !!!

I want to touch you, touch you with my own hands, feel you on my body, but not how I can not find you my favorite PIZHAM