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Wife - this is happiness, which in the course of time becomes full

Fluid immersed in the body, in seven years will go to school

All rubbish and vanity, All rubbish and muck; Blow and fuck the calf - That's life's joy.

Here if early in the morning you do not at all to the heart, Boska hurts and jerks his eye. There's no point in yanking at the grocery store. Light the fire over the doorframe. And if you're on betrayal - Have gotten different ponty. And all things are skewed! Swallow no sense of a wolf, Even if you are like the devil of evil- A powerful steam locomotive will help you!

They dropped the teddy bear on the floor Torn off the teddy bear's paw They knocked out all the teeth at once Painfully they cut in the eye Tore out the intestines, the bronchi He became small and thin I will not leave it anyway Because he's good

I hold you under the shower, You scream, it's nice to listen. He hurts his nerves - like a current, Yes, you do not like boiling water!

Who is the braver in the world, All smarter and smarter? Rhetorical question If the barrel looks in the nose!

The tradition must be observed, Let them answer you more than once, "Of course, a lady can not give!" But you always have to offer her.

Our Tanya, like, cries - Dropped, like, a ball. No, she would have to figure it out, fool - He will not drown, in kind.

My dear little villain - He did not come to me today. I'm for it on the fence Pump it tomorrow

Well, you look, you've never seen snow?

Do you want? .. I also. ... ... Yes, come on ... ... .. more ... yes ...... mmm ... ... Thank you, we have got you a great GSM - sex

Dear friend, I need your help! Everyone is looking for me and I need to hide somewhere for a couple of days. Please help me my friend! I hope for your help! Osama Benladen

Vasya, time goes by, and the girl is waiting. If you do not call me back in 10 minutes - someone else may become the father of my child.))) --- send to the kazanovs, macho, donzhuans - they will be described!

I have to confess something to you, I can not hide it from you anymore, I do not want to hurt you, But you must know that I've missed you !!!!!

Dear, to soften my sadness for you? Maybe there is a knowledge that you're missing me, too? I hope you will not be sorry for $ 2 and you'll write me a SMS !!

Do you know what people say behind your back? ....... - Cool ass!

The last ray of light is gone. The evening is like slime. One girlfriend is a cigarette, And that one is poisoning my life.

Better than a blowjob, no pregnancy!