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Funny sms, sms congratulations, sms jokes [page 8]

If you drank two hundred grams, to drink three hundred is a matter of honor!

verified the truth in practice - not a drinker will live longer. tried not to drink for a week - it seemed to me - lived a year.

It was spring and the ladies smelled like freshly plums. Men admired with delight ... But they preferred beer.

On the face of my beloved flashed a shadow And a glint flashed, so usually meek The last thing I remember that day There was a black disc of a cast-iron frying pan

In a terrible and dark forest dirty, ragged, angry, weary, wanders, overgrown with a thick beard, a boy forgotten by a school excursion.

Son, come home immediately. There you will find a big thick belt

Get out of my thoughts. You interfere with work

A hundred thousand chipmunks can not be compared with you by the softness and fluffiness

Call me. I forgot how your voice looks like.

I would like to meet on the need

Clouds touching the wing with a wing, the defaulter is proudly barking, and creditors are watching him sadly downstairs. Call your parents, say good-bye. - Signature - your brothers

I squeeze it in my hands, it hardens, I want to move up and down, I see how good it is, it squirts a white liquid. And how vsetaki cool milk the cow

Just on the radio they said that the police found a corpse in the city without brains and with a small member. call back. I'm worried about you

Dear subscriber! You won free sex on the phone. Turn on the vibro on the phone, after shove it into an intimate place, we'll call you back. Thank you

Send this not before 12 o'clock in the night: "Hedgehog, we are cool hang out here! Come to us!" Hedgehog

Switch your mobile phone to vibration mode, put the pager in the front pocket of your jeans, do you feel how much I love you?

Buy, please, toilet paper and come home urgently!

SEX as a mathematician: "plus a bed, minus your clothes, divide your legs and multiply." (Spread it to 3 other numbers, otherwise you will not see steep sex)

As a result of scientific research, it was proven that most homosexuals flipped the SMS with the thumb of their right hand. DO NOT RUN THE FINGER, YOU ARE NOTED, BOY!

I do not want to be a phone. I want to be Tamagotchi, feed me !!!!