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Funny sms, sms congratulations, sms jokes [page 10]

I'm waiting, you're not coming! I'm waiting, you're driving me crazy! My arms, legs, body, I'm so ALLOW you wanted, but there's only a dream door ahead! O elevator when you come?

I'm your little tamagotchi! If you want to have sex with me! Virtual click - 1! Orally press - 2! And if it's real? Dial my number!

First I took off her skirt! Then I pulled off my blouse! Then I unbuttoned my bra! And I slowly fell at her feet! And then I took off her panties! Now I'm wearing a bare .. LINEN Rope!

Change your position! Spread your legs! Stand up! Draw! To the left! To the right! Higher! Lower! Well! Do not rush! Well, again, I've spoiled everything! Oh, Lord, I'm sick of your inability! I'm also a man! You can not tune the antenna!

We sat, talked ... And I already imagined how he would start kissing me, undressing ... But he only drank tea and did not go away until he had eaten all the cake!

Nobody loves me, Nobody waits for me, Nobody kisses, And does not pour vodka!

He came to me one night, had my body licked, sucked, bored and made me feel it, and when he was satisfied, he just disappeared .. fucking mosquito!

Last night I lay in bed, looked at the stars, the beautiful sky and the boundless horizon suddenly thought ... Where, damn it, my roof?

I want to tell you 3 words ...

I prod through simple movements, I attend driving lessons, And I reduce the number of people

we are so tired ... we are so puffed ... we both poured into sweat, our bodies became sticky ... when we took the old sofa to the basement.

Listen to the woman and do the opposite ... and then turn it over and do as she wants.

I can not forget you, you dream to me at night, Your sweet smell of taste and color are before your eyes. When you are beside me not so sad in my heart, I can not live without you - my native BEER !!!!!

(_ * _) This is a priest. If you do not send this SMS to 5 of your friends, you will be in it at the session.

It's good to be an alcoholic, As a boat sail through the streets, And it's nice to think about what's under every fence your house.

Everyone takes you in your mouth, you drive gently back and forth, and your mouth is burning in orgasm, white liquid flows. Is there a cool find, that your toothbrush? :) )

Nothing in the world is better than stuffing a cigarette with grass! Our carpet is a blooming meadow, there grows grass marijuana! Smile happy

Cold vodka I adore, I love warm, but if that vodka tutoring interferes with my studies, let it be ... my study!

Kuban-GSM withdraws from your account 100 rubles. the development of companies of terrorist acts of Ben Laden.

Sleep, my joy, fall asleep! "The lights went out in the morgue, the corpses lay on the shelves, the flies circled them! Sleep, my joy, fall asleep ..... if you do not want complications !! Smile happy