Funny sms, sms greetings, sms jokes [page 10]

I'm waiting, and you still do not come, I'm waiting, I'm crazy you drive! Numb hands, feet, body! I wanted to enter you! But there is a door to the dream Oh you lift when you come?

I'm your little Tamagotchi If you want to have sex with me Virtually press -!! 1 Oral Click - 2 Score And if really my room!?!

At first, I took off her skirt! Then pulled her blouse! Then I undid her bra! And I slowly fell to her feet! And then I took off her panties! Now to me is naked ..BELEVAYA rope!

Change your position! Spread your legs! Get up! Pull! To the left! To the right! Higher! Here! Good! Do not hurry! Well, again, blew it! Oh, my God, I'm sick of your inability! I, too, man! You can not tune the antenna!

We sat and talked ... And I have imagined, he starts to kiss me, to undress ... But he only drank tea and did not leave until he ate the whole cake!

Nobody loves me, I will not wait, no one will kiss, and do not pour the vodka!

He came to me one night, had my body, licking, sucking, drilled and made me feel it, and when he was satisfied, he just disappeared .. fucking mosquito!

Last night I lay in bed, staring at the stars, beautiful sky and boundless Horizonti suddenly thought ... Where the fuck is my roof?

I want to tell you three words ...

I prododzhayu simple movements, I attend driving lessons and reduce the number of population

we were so tired we did ... ... we're both panting oblilis then, our bodies become sticky ... when are the old sofa in the basement.

Listen to a woman and do the opposite ... and then turn it over and do as she wants.

I can not forget you, you dream of me at night, the smell of your sweet taste and color are his eyes. When you're next to me there is no heart so sad, I can not live without you - my native BEER !!!!!

(_ * _) It is - ass. If it is not razoshlёsh 5 sms to your friends, you find yourself in it at the session.

Good alcoholic to be like a ship to sail through the streets, and a pleasure to think of what under each fence your home.

Every take you in my mouth, you drive gently back and forth, and burning in the mouth orgasm, liquid white techet.Pravda cool discovery, that is your toothbrush? :) )

Nothing on earth can be better than the grass to fill a cigarette! Our carpet-flowering meadow, where the grass grows marijuana! Smile happy

Cold vodka I love, warmth, love, too! But if that interferes with learning vodka-yah it on ... my studies!

Kuban-GSM remove from your account 100 rubles. on the development of the terrorist attacks of Ben Laden's companies.

Sleep, my darling, go to sleep! The lights went out the morgue, the corpses lie on the shelves, the flies circling over them! Sleep, my darling, sleep ..... if you do not want complications !!!! Smile happy