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Between us now there are kilometers, But I catch your gentle voice, and I want to shout through the wind: I love you very much!

It’s cold again, and again it’s boring for me, And you, as before, are far away, I hope you remember me, As heaven remembers the earth! ...

Close your eyes, imagine a star, The one on which I'm sitting. I will see you, come up, and gently embrace tenderly. Whispering in my ear: "Kitten, I love you ..."

One day you ask me if I love you more - life or you? I will answer that life. You will leave without knowing that life is you ...

Let the wind dispel doubts and under the sun you warm your soul! Let everyone take your hands and see - the WORLD will be kinder

Hey. I am an SMS instructed to send you an unlimited number of the most tender kisses!

For the world - you are someone ... And for someone - you are a whole WORLD!

The bird needs wings, an iceberg needs cold water, I need YOU!

Alas! The language of love is talkative, The language is incomplete and simple, My angel cares for you with my prose negligent.

{} is a virtual kiss. Press to your heart. Repeat n times ..

You are afraid of love confession, You will tear the letter of love, But you will read the poetic message With a tender smile.

Favorite, the whole world you light up the beauty, In the smallest highlights - a reflection of yours, Circles and merging light. You are no more beautiful in the world!

Beautiful eyes and sensual lips. Tactile, charming, modest. Her adore men monogamous, And the rest ... just crazy!

Nature pushed us with you. I was forced to love And wherever I am, I cannot forget you.

It is said that the swan There is a law: The beloved dies, he dies. Wings fold and fall From a blue height, If you love much - And so will you!

Svetla your soul! And your whole face is sweet. I thank the Creator - He gave you!

Love leads through the desert And through the mountain ranges. And in the wind she is not cold, And not afraid of heights.

The sparkle of your soul, once pierced my heart, awakened in it a volcano of feelings, from which a fiery flower of ever-burning passion and love for you grew, dear!

What a pity that you are not with me, now, Such a dream only once a year, But words are a hundred times more precious to me, Your eyes are relatives at the dawn.

We will surely meet, hear me, forgive me ... Where I go is spring, I know you can find me, Don't be alone.