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A thousand sweet kisses I give, gently I caress you. The body burns in the power of love, passion eats you from the inside, you want to cry with happiness from moaning, the thought of me will not let you sleep.

You are as gentle as silk, You are sweet as a flower, You are clean as a tear, You are my soul!

Beautiful eyes and sensual lips. Slight, charming, modest. Her idolized men are monogamous, And the rest ... just crazy!

I love you and I miss other guys I do not notice. I need only you beloved-With you I will be happy!

Hello my berry, You know that I love only you And every garbage, I'm not offended ...

Alas! The language of love is talkative, The language is incomplete and simple, Its prose is negligent You are pestered by my angel.

You are afraid of love recognition, A love letter you will tear, But poetic message With a smile you will read tenderly.

Your eyes confuse me When you look at me As if you want to fall in love And I've loved you for a long time ...

Your soul is shining! And all your appearance is sweet. I thank you - He gave you!

Beloved, the whole world you illuminate beauty, In the smallest glare - the reflection of your, the Circle and the fusion of light. You are more beautiful in the world!

Do you like sex? For sex light press 1, for hard-2 sex, for oral press 3, for anal-4 ... For the whole set, dial my number

The moon is alone looking out the window To me without you in this life is dark You are the sun clear in my life Write sms and I will become warmer

Quietly the snow falls on the stairs, It melts, you are now far away I miss you, How I would like to turn into this snow And quietly to you in the palm of my hand will come down.

I'll love you forever, today, tomorrow and always! I swear to you I will not forget, Do not forget and you me.

With the desire of a big whole soul loving With all my heart I adore you.

For happiness, I need very little - I want to embrace you tenderly, I always want to be with you and never let go!

Bored swallows in the sky, Miss fish on the water, And at the same time I miss you

Goodbye! How sad this word is. Who just invented it ?! For a language it's simple, But for the heart, what is it?

You are not here and I'm hurt. At heart, boredom and longing. I do not know if you're bored, As I miss you.

When I look into your eyes, I remember the ocean, Which I dreamed in dreams, And a flock of birds circled over it, I sang with your voice, Sleep quietly, everything is ahead.