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I give a thousand sweet kisses, gently caress you for some time. The body burns in the power of love, passion eats you from the inside, I want to cry from happiness to moan, the thought of me will not let you sleep.

You are tender as silk, You are sweet as a flower, You are pure as a tear, You are my soul!

Beautiful eyes and sensual lips. Taciturn, charming, modest. Her adore men monogamous, And the rest ... just crazy!

I love you and miss other guys do not notice. I need only you love- With you I will be happy !!!

Hi, my little berry, You know that I love only you And to all garbage, I do not take offense ...

Alas! The language of love is chatty, The language is incomplete and simple, My angel cares for you with your own careless prose.

You are afraid of love confession, You will tear off the letter of love, But you will read the poetic message With a tender smile.

Your eyes embarrass me When you look at me As if you want to fall in love And I love you for a long time ...

Svetla your soul! And your whole face is sweet. Thank you Creator - He gave you!

Favorite, the whole world you light up the beauty, In the smallest highlights - a reflection of yours, Circles and merging light. You are no more beautiful in the world!

Do you love sex? For sex light, press the button 1, for sex hard- 2, for oral press 3, for anal-4 ... For my entire set, dial my number

The moon is alone looking out the window To me without you in this life is dark You are the sunshine clear in my life Write a text message and it will make me warmer

The snow is falling quietly on the stairs, It is melting, you are now far away I miss you, As I would like to turn into this snow And quietly come down to you in the palm of your hand.

I will love you forever, Today, tomorrow and forever! I swear I will not forget you, Do not forget you me.

With a desire to love with all my heart With all my heart I adore you.

For happiness, I just need a little bit - I want to hug you gently, I always want to be with you and never let go!

Swallows miss the sky, Fish miss the water, And at the same time I miss you

Goodbye! How sad this word is. Who just made it up ?! For the language it is simple, but for the heart, what is it?

You are not here and I hurt. Heart boredom and longing. I do not know if you miss, How I miss you.

When I look into your eyes, I remember the ocean, Which I dreamed of in dreams, And a flock of birds circling above it, I sang with your voice, Sleep well, everything is ahead.