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Beautiful eyes and sensual lips. Slight, charming, modest. Her idolized men are monogamous, And the rest ... just crazy!

Guy! Are you in love! To my brigandine beauty you resigned.

You pass me by, I catch these moments, And if you start a conversation, I keep it in my heart. I do not know why I remember every word of yours, And every time I understand that I just love you.

Love is pain, And at the same time - a reward. Treason - pour salt into the wound. Reciprocity is a pure joy.

Autumn has come, Falling leaves. I do not need anyone, Except You.

In the depths of the night I want to hear your voice. I want to touch your passionate lips. You just dedicate this verse.

You are my angel and you are my demon, With you I can fly up to heaven.

I love you, my little angel. You are everywhere with me and everywhere, Protecting from adversity and misery, Which are intended for me.

Jealousy is stupid - it's a fact! And love is another ... Who does not love, that fool! And who loves - twice!

To live and not to love is impossible! We must live and love! ..... only carefully!