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The vulgar sms, sexy sms, sms about love, Funny sms, love sms, sms congratulations, part 1

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I loved you, you have me @ bli, now go away, I'm in great sorrow!

And you passed, without noticing my love, and did not even look at me, now let you .. The dog is wicked, and not such a gild as Ya. :)

The leaves of the oak fall from the ash. Neither to myself, nor to myself! Looked around and really Leaves fall ooh ...... but !!!!!!

I write to you, and blaspheme to the use of Fuck you want like a wolf Ebal I fucked me this Ebal I kiss the planet I fucked the sun and the moon BUT I did not fuck you alone!

You go in the field, you kick the shit, the shoes are off, but you do not care. Shit flies back and forth, such idiots as you are to hell!

Who was not a student does not understand how you want to eat, @ bat and sleep!

You come to me on the beach, take off your panties and lie next to me, but if you come up with another piz.danii it naked!

Between two steep cliffs carlson crow caught the fluff flying motor roars Carlson crow to .... t

you know what an insane woman - this is the woman who at the end of the sexual act screams: "Not into me"

Do not have 100 friends, but have their girlfriends

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