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I know that I will miss you more tomorrow ... than today, because today I miss you even more than yesterday!

Darling so I want to read from you something pleasant. Can, you all the same will guess send sms?

Your hair shining cascade, Fascinating your gaze drove me crazy. I seem to fall into the marvelous garden, Into the world of dreams, love and magic.

I like a little ice melting in your strong, strong arms and I'm so happy that I have such a treasure as You!

The rivers are famous for water, the forest is shady foliage, the world is famous for you and your beauty.

When you, a sweet man, in a bad mood, I want to become your guardian angel, to give you a set of smiles at this moment!

We love those who do not love us, and destroy those who are in love with us, easily got lips do not please, do not irritate us. Loving the distant we languish, we spend our days in anguish, we love what we aspire to and only achieve, there is no love.

I run, call, search, shout, quietly say, I'll stop. And if you want, I'll leave. But I love you so much. Kill me or her. And it is better for us both. But I do not need anything, and the words of your lifeless. Although you know, I decided that I'd rather suffocate myself. And I can not wait until you choose again.

Thank you for the fact that you warm my soul, fill your heart with love! Thank you, My sun!

I want to be with you forever, I can become for you a star that shines in the eyes of someone who has loved me so long.

With me you are a tender kitten, gently stroking and kissing me, namurlykivaya love song, in bed, like a tigress, constantly biting, scratching me, and for my heart you are the most precious girl in the whole world.

My beloved, my sun, you deserve more than I could do for you!

When you pass, I feel the wind, when you smile, it's easier for me to live, you do not even know how you can love ...

I understand that you and I are friends, and now I am content only with this, but do not forget me who loves you more than anyone else.

The moon is for the night, The sun is for the day, Ruslan is for Lyudmila, And you are for me!