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It's easier to open up the windows than wait for a change!

The man has two heads: one thinks, the other on his shoulders.

New game: Collect as many covers as possible from the sewer hatches and get the main prize of the week: pizdule from the workers of the water canal!

Wash your feet and feet, I'm already on the road!

Once, on a cold winter's day, the horse froze and piped to the fence, and she kicked and kicked the horse and left the pipiska.

A cold and scared little macaque sticks the leaves to a hairy fray!

Frequent breathing - soon taking ...

Life is a game of golf - a hole for a hole ...

And dick fool, when you want to eat like a wolf? !!

News from MTS: The new tariff "Ending a peek" - per second charging, every second is twice as expensive as the previous one!

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