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It is easier to open on * the operatives than to wait for a change!

The man has two heads: one he thinks, the other on his shoulders.

New game: Collect as much as possible covers from sewer manholes and get the main prize of the week: pizdyuley from workers of water utility!

Soak your feet and I'm on the road!

Once, in the icy winter time, the horse froze with a pipe to the fence, and she kicked in and the horse kicked out and the cake remained.

Cold and scary little monkey stick the leaves to the hairy ass!

Fast breathing - taking out soon ...

Life is a game of golf - a hole for a hole ...

And how about it when I want to be like a wolf? !!

News from MTS: New fare "Stop pi * put" - per-second billing, every second is twice as expensive as the previous one!

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