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If chess is a sport, masturbation is weightlifting!

What is the similarity between a washing machine and the sexual organs of a woman? You put stuff in, and you get a rag.

Masha, beware of God! The fourth hour is "A little more!" And stop swearing obscenities, I'm a man, not a vibrator!

Talk three sperm: 1: I would like to become a doctor 2: and I'm an artist 3-I'm afraid that this fucking ananist will destroy all our dreams!

This program will automatically increase your dick! Launching ... 6 5 4 ... Bip! 3 2 1 ... Sorry, the member was not found!

The student remember! Do not throw garbage out of the window: it is then found by the children ... and cheated!

What does a vagina look like before sex? Like an open rose! And how after? Have you ever seen a bulldog chewing mayonnaise ...

Do not drink water! In her fish fuck!

For a long time I did not see such beauty - the beaten-up cops beaten by someone. Here you can see recently boiling fights. What kind of happiness ot .. you GAI!

The taste of it was not so disgusting, just like beer. But after that I decided to swallow a lemon slice, fearing an ectopic pregnancy.

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