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If chess is a sport, then onanism is weightlifting!

What are the similarities between the washing machine and the female genitals? You put a thing in, and you take out a rag.

Masha, fear God! Fourth hour - "Just a little more!" And stop swearing, I'm a man, not a vibrator!

Three spermatozoa are talking: 1: I would like to become a doctor 2: and I am an artist 3-I am afraid that this fucking ananist will destroy all our dreams!

This program will automatically increase your member! Running ... 6 5 4 ... Bip! 3 2 1 ... Sorry, member not found!

Student remember! Do not throw garbage out of the window: then children find it ... and put it on!

What does a vagina look like before sex? Like an open rose! And how after? Have you ever seen a bulldog chewing mayonnaise ...

Do not drink water! In her fish fuck!

For a long time I have not seen such beauty - cops beaten up by someone. Here you can see the recent battles. What kind of happiness otp..t traffic police!

It tasted not so disgusting, just like beer. But after I decided to swallow a lemon wedge, for fear of ectopic pregnancy.

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