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It's autumn, No leaves. And look sadly Fucking from the bushes.

The jackdaw was sitting on the tree. And she smiled just like that. And the pioneer Petrov took a stick And fucking fucked her, dick.

You did not come at night, Did not come by day, Do you think we're masturbating? No! Others * bam!

Night. Street. Lantern. Pharmacy. I'm buying petroleum jelly. There are two more Armenians with me, another Georgian.

Your cell pizza, if you erase messages

Hedgehog on the grass runs and laughs, hedgehog pussy tickles the hedgehog! The grass is gone - gravel has gone! Hedgehog without a pussy came home!

I write to you, a) (I want to go to the street like b @ woo like a wolf @ ball I'm the same @ ball I'm this @ ball I kiss the planet @ ball I'm the sun and the moon BUT not @ you just one!

A letter to the Good Fairy! money fucked @ la, I'm drinking with rats in a pumpkin. Your Cinderella!

If you want a lot of sex, a lot of caress and love - do something bad, so you then ... whether !!

You go in the field, you kick the shit, the shoes are off, but you do not care. Shit fly to and fro, idiots like you before) (x * ya!

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