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Dream Interpretation - Interpretation of dreams

Сонник - Толкование снов

Interesting and gray , imbued with echoes of the past day or, on the contrary, carrying certain signs that carry us to the distant past or paint pictures of the future in our minds, pleasant or nightmarish - all these are our dreams . Their content has long been a mystery to humans - at different times there were different interpretations of dreams.

Trying to learn the meaning of dreams, people, first of all, tried to look into their future, to understand what fate was preparing for them. A correctly interpreted dream could be a sure warning, a promise of joy and well-being, on the contrary, a harbinger of illness or even death, a promise of family happiness or a quick marriage. Variants of prediction existed and there are many, and they are all collected in the dream books or interpreters of dreams.

Dreams are not all and never met. The accuracy of the fulfillment of the DEFINITION is determined by the number of months in which there is a lot of news. In the list of the calendar numbers you will find a corresponding day, in which case the horn, and just a few seconds away from his or her family.


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How do dreams relate to events that happen to a person in reality?

Waking up, each of us receives a huge amount of information, this stream is continuous and inexhaustible. Our consciousness is forced to keep in memory only the most important and significant information, as if filtering everything else. Nevertheless, the person in the smallest details remembers everything that happens to him at each moment of time.

This is due to the work of the subconscious, collecting and analyzing all the incoming information. In a dream, our subconscious comes to the fore, returning to a person information that he didn’t notice, through dreams — vivid imaginative actions unfolding before the sleeper’s eyes.

That is why the value of dreams is difficult to overestimate, although it is possible that in some cases their content is shaped by the vivid impressions of the past day, or is only a reflection of the events that have just occurred. However, our dreams remain inexhaustible sources of information. Most often, the prediction made on their basis comes true.

How to solve your dream?

Our site was created to help you with this. To find out the interpretation of a dream, you need to sort it out into its components, to highlight its brightest moments. After that, it is necessary to designate them in one word, for example, “parting” or “party” and find it in the proposed dream book - the interpretation of dreams will be determined by its meaning.

However, it should be borne in mind that the true meaning of sleep is revealed in the totality of definitions of its most vivid moments. In addition, you should pay attention to objects, people and animals that surround you in a dream - it is likely that they also symbolize something.

How are dreams performed according to the date of the month?

1-e. Dreams on this day are fulfilled in accuracy and give away good.
2nd. Dreams are nothing and nothing significant.
3rd. Sny fast exquisite.
4th. Dreams come together unopened.
5th. Dreams of good value.
6th. Dreams come true, but not crooked.
7th. Dreams are emphatic, but they do not follow anyone about them.
8th. Dreams lead to the fulfillment of desire.
9th. Dreams come true and guarantee ycpex.
10th. Dreams come true, but lead to troubles.
11th. Dreams come true for 11 days and lead to joy.
12th. The dreams are quick and benignly fulfilled.
13th. Dreams lead to troubles.
14th. Dreams are neydachny.
15th. Dreams are coming up in speed and very happily.
16th. Dreams do not come true and have no meaning whatsoever.
17th. Dreams provide ysppex and are fulfilled in the course of twenty days.
18th. Dreams lead to stresses and lacunae.
19th. Dreams lead to family trouble.
20th. Dreams are compounded.
21st. Dreams come true for 11 days and lead to joy.
22th. Dreams prevent disruption.
23th. Dreams are scored.
24th e. Dreams of joy and complacency.
25th. With lies and fraud.
26th. Dreams of condescension and amusement.
27th. Dreams are meaningless, colorless and have no meaning.
28th. Dreams provide uncomplicated flooding and occur within 30 days.
29th. Dreams are not enforced.
30th. Dreams are fanciful and do not always and never occur.
31st. Dreams of amorousness and comforts take place over a period of 15 days.