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Dream Interpretation - Interpretation of Dreams

Сонник - Толкование снов

Interesting and gray , saturated with echoes of the past day or, on the contrary, carrying some signs that carry us into the distant past or draw pictures of the future in our minds, pleasant or nightmare - all these are our dreams . Their content has long been a mystery to man - at different times there were different interpretations of dreams.

Trying to find out the meaning of dreams, people, first of all, tried to look into their future, to understand what fate was preparing for them. A correctly interpreted dream could be a true warning, a promise of joy and prosperity, on the contrary, a harbinger of illness or even death, a promise of family happiness or an early marriage. Prediction options existed and there are many, and all of them are collected in dream books or interpreters of dreams.

They are not all and not the same. The likelihood of being dreaming is determined by the number of months, in which it was somewhat counted from the current situation. In the proposed list of calendaring numbers, you can find the correct day in which there is a certain amount of sleep, and there is a chance that the odds are different.


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How do dreams relate to events that happen to a person in reality?

While awake, each of us receives a huge amount of information, this stream is continuous and inexhaustible. Our consciousness is forced to leave in our memory only the most important and significant information, as if filtering out everything else. Nevertheless, a person remembers everything that happens to him in every moment of time in the smallest details.

This is due to the work of the subconscious, collecting and analyzing all incoming information. In a dream, our subconscious mind comes to the forefront, returning information to a person unnoticed by him with the help of dreams - vivid figurative actions that unfold in front of the sleeping person.

That is why the significance of dreams can hardly be overestimated, although it is possible that in some cases their content is formed under the influence of the vivid impressions of the past day, or is only a reflection of the events that just happened. Nevertheless, our dreams remain inexhaustible sources of information. Most often, the prediction made on their basis comes true.

How to solve your dream?

Our site was created to help you with this. To find out the interpretation of sleep, you need to sort it out into its components, highlight its brightest moments. After that, it is necessary to label them with one word, for example, “parting” or “party” and find it in the proposed dream book - the interpretation of dreams will be determined by its meaning.

However, it is worth considering that the true meaning of sleep is revealed in the aggregate of definitions of its most vivid moments. In addition, you should pay attention to objects, people and animals surrounding you in a dream - it is likely that they also symbolize something.

How are dreams fulfilled according to the day of the month?

1st. Dreams this day are fulfilled in accuracy and are foreknowledgeable.
2nd. Dreams are empty and nothing significant.
3rd. They are quickly feasible.
4th. Dreams come true a little.
5th. Dreams of good value.
6th. Dreams come true, but not at all.
7th. Dreams are happy, but do not tell anyone about them.
8th. Dreams lead to fulfillment of desire.
9th. Dreams come true and soon promise yspex.
10th. Dreams come true, but lead to troubles.
11th. Dreams come true for 11 days and lead to joy.
12th. Dreams are quick and well done.
13th. Dreams lead to troubles.
14th. Dreams are not great.
15th. Dreams come true soon and very well.
16th. They do not come true and do not have any value.
17th. Dreams promise yspex and run for twenty days.
18th. Dreams lead to profits and upgrades.
19th. Dreams to family troubles.
20th e. Dreams are soon fulfilled.
21st. Dreams come true for 11 days and lead to joy.
22th. Dreams are hindered.
23rd. Dreams come true soon.
24th. Dreams are pleasing and soon fulfilled.
25th. Dreams of lies and deception.
26th. Dreams of food and fun.
27th. Dreams are meaningless, colorless and have no value.
28th. Dreams promise some delays and come true within 30 days.
29th. They are not fulfilled.
30th. Dreams are fantastic and not always and do not come true soon.
31st. Dreams of loving victories and pleasures come true within 15 days.