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Fight with excessive sweating / hyperhidrosis together!

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    All people sweat, but some more, others less. Those who are faced with a “wet” problem know that strong perspiration prevents them from living normally and feeling comfortable in almost all walks of life.

    The general symptoms of this phenomenon are as follows: excessive sweating on various parts of the body, occurring both “by itself” and in various emotional situations (excitement of any events, intimate moments, stress, etc.). Such areas of the body as arms, armpits, legs, face are especially susceptible to perspiration. Other parts of the body - chest, back, thighs, etc. - also suffer from excessive sweating.

    This resource is dedicated to the fight against strong perspiration in Ukraine, and is designed to help those people who suffer from this.

    Doctors call excessive or excessive sweating hyperhidrosis . The term “hyperhidrosis” (excessive sweating) comes from the Latin “hyper”, which means elevated and “hydro”, which corresponds to the Russian word for water. The causes of hyperhidrosis, as well as the problem itself, is not fully understood today.

    Many people with hyperhidrosis experience their problem silently and hide it from those around them. And this is understandable - after all, it is pleasant to someone to talk about the fact that you are constantly pouring sweat from the river, and with this it is impossible to do anything with the usual methods.

    As a rule, such people cannot receive help from doctors, since so far, unfortunately, there are practically no professionals professionally involved in the problem of hyperhidrosis in Ukraine. All that doctors can offer is medication or surgery, which is not always useful for your body.

    Existing methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis in the world (generalized):

    1. Medical (doctors attribute strong soothing pills and pills)

    2. Iontophoresis - a method of treating a weak electric current (for example, a Drionik apparatus)

    3. Injection methods - circumcision of sweating zones with cosmetic preparations (for example, Botox, Dysport)

    4. Antiperspirants - special agents are used, for external use (liquids, sprays, ointments) that block perspiration (for example, Odaban, Maxim)

    5. Surgical operations

    Unfortunately, all these methods of treatment do not guarantee cure by 100% and basically stop excessive sweating for some time, after which the treatment procedure must be repeated. This does not apply to surgical operations, but in the case of operations, there are also features and side effects, and it is necessary to resort to them only in the most extreme cases.

    We propose a method to significantly reduce sweating without surgery and tablets, while the effectiveness of the proposed means of treatment reaches 90% of cases. At home, it is very simple to use special antiperspirants, such as Odaban and Maxim, and instruments for carrying out iontophoresis procedures (a Drionik apparatus). You can read information about these tools using the items in the vertical menu at the top.

    These tools are safe for health, and they can be used regularly throughout life.


    - You are not alone! We will be happy to help you and support you with all the means at our disposal!

    - Only you can make your life dry and comfortable!

    - There are chances to overcome this “wet” problem, and they are very high!

    All you need to do is contact us!

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