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“Wet” face

Facial hyperhidrosis differs from regular sweating both in the abundance of secretions and in that it is often accompanied by reddening of the face. As in all other cases, facial hyperhidrosis does not depend on the weather and the season, and manifests itself under emotional stress, or “by itself”.

The main weapon of our people suffering from facial hyperhidrosis is a handkerchief. Scarves are simply necessary in order to remove excess moisture from the face, and to create at least a temporary feeling of dryness. Shawls remove the effects of sweating, but do not eliminate the cause.

For facial hyperhidrosis, antiperspirants are effective - Maxim for normal skin and Odaban. Special attention should be paid to the application of antiperspirant - it is required to apply antiperspirants to the face with cotton swabs, in small amounts and be careful that the antiperspirant does not get in the eyes. The use of antiperspirant Odaban can also help eliminate facial flushing caused by increased sweating.