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Antiperspirant ODABAN (Odaban)

Antiperspirant UK approved , is an incredibly effective and powerful alcohol-based night-action antiperspirant.

Antiperspirant Odoban , since 1971, is one of the most powerful means for eliminating sweating and is widely used for hyperhidrosis both in the UK and around the world.

Antiperspirant Odaban, 30 ml

Odaban is universal, it is used to treat all types of excessive sweating - hands, armpits, legs, face, different parts of the body. The distribution form of Odaban is a 30 ml bottle with a spray for applying an antiperspirant.

Odaban is the first drug that should be used to treat excessive sweating. No other remedy is as safe, reliable and effective as this antiperspirant.

Odaban also eliminates the side effects of excessive sweating, such as odor (legs, armpits), abrasions and abrasions (arms, legs), and other inconveniences caused by hyperhidrosis.

Odaban is so effective that the Odaban manufacturer provides a global money back guarantee to every customer if the antiperspirant does not help him with excessive sweating. Unfortunately, it is not possible for a manufacturer to refund money in Ukraine due to complicated customs legislation, but the fact of having such a guarantee is very impressive.

Radioisotope analysis showed how Odaban works. The active ingredient in Odaban does not block the sweating glands. The dryness effect created by Odaban is based on blocking the pores of the skin with “plugs” formed by the interaction of aluminum chloride and skin protein.

Due to the partial blocking of pores in the skin by these “plugs”, perspiration is redirected to places where it occurs more easily in a normal volume and is also excreted by the kidneys from the human body.

As a result, the cured area remains dry, and also, importantly, there is no excessive perspiration in other places.

The insolubility of aluminum-protein formation (“plugs”) guarantees the complete absence of aluminum absorption by the human body, which makes Odaban very safe for long-term use, and even allows you to use an antiperspirant during pregnancy.

Instructions for use with the antiperspirant Odaban.

Before use, carefully read and carefully follow the instructions!

Before using the antiperspirant for the first time, it is necessary to press the nozzle of the spray gun several times, achieving normal dispersion of the antiperspirant. When blocking the nozzle opening, the spray gun must be removed and washed in hot water.

Attention! Oddan should not be sprayed on irritated or damaged skin. Also, to avoid stains, do not spray onto clothing and polished surfaces. Store in a cool dark place and away from fire. Avoid getting Odaban in eyes and mouth, keep away from children.

Use Odaban sparingly, applying it only at night, before you go to bed. At night, during sleep, the body is most relaxed and all sweating is minimized, so the antiperspirant is well absorbed and its effect is most effective. Before applying Odaban, the treated area should be washed with cool water and soap and wiped dry. Make sure that the skin at the place of application is well dried, if necessary, dry the treated area with a hairdryer.

People with sensitive skin should apply one or two sprays to a cotton swab, and then treat the skin with this swab. After treatment, in order to avoid possible irritation, the treated area can be sprinkled with talcum powder to absorb excessively applied antiperspirant.

When processing armpits, Odaban should be applied only to the inside of the armpits. Do not spray Odaban directly onto your face; in this case, apply Odaban only with cotton swabs.

Do not apply Odoban on freshly shaved armpits, this can only be done a day after shaving. When taking hot baths and visiting saunas, Odoban is applied no earlier than one hour after such procedures.

The next morning, after applying the antiperspirant, wash and dry the treated area. Never use Odaban during the day .

Apply Odaban overnight until sweating is normal or significantly reduced. Usually, perspiration decreases after several days of treatment, but achieving this result can take several weeks.

After reducing perspiration, apply an antiperspirant once or twice a week, or as often as necessary.

Odaban does not cause allergies, and when used properly, is an effective and safe means. However, excessive application of Odaban may cause skin irritation. In this case, stop using Odaban for a few days, and to alleviate irritation, wipe the irritated area with hydrocortisone ointment.

If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before using Odaban.

Composition Approved:

Aluminum Chloride 6H 2 O– 20% - active ingredient

Dimethicone Copolyol 193 - 1% - Auxiliary ingredient

Ethanol 'B' (DEB) - Auxiliary Ingredient