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Waterparks of Kiev, Crimea, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Ternopil

Harkov city

Аквапарки Украины для взрослых и детей

The water park is an entertainment complex, which has the infrastructure for playing water games and water attractions such as water slides, sprinklers, swimming pools with a tower, fountains, a “lazy river” and other water activities.

More modern water parks can be equipped with devices for artificially forcing waves in the pool and practicing a special kind of surfing.

Most of the water parks are in the open air, usually in a resort area, but there are also quite a few closed complexes.

The first water parks appeared in the late 1940s. Today, the United States occupies a leading position in the world in their number (more than 1000), infrastructure development and profitability. The main organizations involved in water parks are IAAPA (International Association of Amusement and Amusement Parks) and WWA (World Association of Water Parks).

The city of Wisconsin Dells (born Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin) in the United States, which has 18 indoor water parks, can claim to be the “World Capital of Water Parks”. It houses America’s largest outdoor and indoor water parks — Noah’s Ark (Noah’s Ark) and Kalahari Resort (Kalahari Resort).

In Russia, 3 largest covered water parks are considered to be “Moreon” in Moscow (55,000 square meters, up to 3,000 visitors at a time), Peterland in Saint Petersburg (25,000 square meters), “Riviera” in Kazan (20 000 square meters).

The largest open water park in Russia "Golden Bay" is located in Gelendzhik. The water park is located on a site of 15.4 ha.

In Europe, the largest aquapark in terms of displacement (6,000 m?) Is considered to be the “Tiki-Tak” water park in Anapa.

Today, the Ocean Dome water park is the largest on earth. It is located in Japan and is ready to accept and serve 10 thousand people at the same time. The roof of the room is sliding, which allows you to sunbathe on sunny days and to shelter from rain and snow in bad weather.

The threat of a contagious disease when visiting modern water parks is reduced to zero, as water is usually intensively chlorinated. Other threats are much more significant - getting mechanical injuries due to bad joints of plastic slides and the threat of a heart attack due to physical overload during descent. Persons with impaired cardiac activity are absolutely contraindicated for descent from a water slide.

Most Popular Water Parks

1. “Cape of Good Hope” (Berdyansk)

water park Berdyansk

This is the largest water park in Ukraine with an area of ​​5 hectares. The interior is made in the style of an ancient castle. On the territory there are bars, catering, pizzeria.
In total, there are 31 water attractions. The “Black Hole” with a length of 150 m is considered the most “scary” slide. It descends along total darkness. There is a 90-meter “Boomerang”. Riding on it allows you to gain speed of 10 m / s.
For young children, there is a pool with a depth of 40-60 cm and a dozen slides. And for adults in the water park at night they hold foam parties with a special show program.
Prices for tickets to the water park depend on the age of the guests and the time of day. From 10.00 to 19:30 for adults (over 12 years old) entrance is 280 UAH. For children (from 3 to 12 years old) - 265 UAH. Kids up to three years old can attend the water park for free, but only with a birth certificate.
You can get here on a free shuttle bus that runs every half hour.

2. “Koktebel” (Koktebel)

water park Koktebel

On a relatively small area of ​​the water park of 40 thousand square meters. m. fit 24 water rides, 13 of which - for children. Also on the territory there are 3 hydromassage baths and 7 pools.
One of the best attractions is the “Coastal Brotherhood”. It consists of three closed pipes intertwined with each other. Also, do not be deprived of attention slide "Free fall". The descent speed on it reaches 12 m / s.
Ticket price depends on the time of day. From 10.00 to 20.00 the price for adults is 280 UAH, for children - 180 UAH; from 14.00 to 20.00 - 270 UAH. and 170 UAH. respectively; from 4 pm to 8 pm - 240 UAH. and 140 UAH.

3. “Banana Republic” (p. Coastal)

banana republic water park

This is the largest water park in the entire Crimean peninsula. It can accommodate up to 2500 people.
In total in the territory there are 25 attractions and 8 pools. Slides are divided into three types depending on the speed of descent: green - this is the descent with stops, orange and black - slow descent, yellow and blue - fast. But the most extreme slide is called “Red Pepper”. Its length reaches 60 m, and height - 21.
For kids designed bunk pool with 10 rides and a swimming pool "Ball".
Also in the "Banana Republic" there are tennis courts, massage chairs, Internet cafes, fast foods and restaurants.
For July in the water park there were such tariffs: 280 UAH. for adults all day, 220 UAH. for children from 90 cm to 130 cm in height, and free for children below 90 cm. Entrance for birthdays is free.
From next year, the water park is planned to be done around the clock.
You can get there in 15 minutes by bus from Evpatoria.

4. “Koblevo” (Koblevo)

water park Koblevo

This water park is equipped with a modern water purification system, which comes from its own artesian well.
Attention tourists are invited to 20 water rides. The most popular slides among adults are “Black Hole”, “Kamikaze” and “Space Funnel”, among children - “Multislide” and “Free Fall”.
Tariffs fluctuate depending on the time of day and the sector in which vacationers ride. In the usual zone, the prices for adults are 200-260 UAH, for children - 180-220 UAH. The stay of adults in the VIP area will cost from 320 to 420 UAH, children - from 270 to 370 UAH.

5. “Jungle” (Kharkov)

water park jungle

The water park is fully consistent with its name, since its interior is styled as the tropics of South America, and this is really done very believably and efficiently. In the design there are waterfalls, streams, pyramids, tropical vegetation. Even the climate control system accurately recreates the atmosphere of the tropics.
There are 7 pools and 11 water rides in total. The coolest slide - "Space Hole". Riding on it is accompanied by a flight of 54 m in length, and in total darkness.
There is also a small hotel, solarium, saunas, a gym and even a photo studio.
Payment in the "Jungle" hourly. For adults, one hour of stay will cost 70 UAH, for children up to 146 cm tall - 60 UAH, children up to 110 cm will be free. The cost of a day pass for adults will be 140 UAH, for children - 110 UAH.
On Fridays, foam parties are held on site.

6. Waterpark Dreamtown (Kiev).

water park dreamtown cues

This is one of the largest indoor water parks in Europe, its area is 24 thousand square meters. It is impressive not only for its impressive size, but also for its unique design concept. In addition, there is a sea of ​​entertainment, both for children and for adults.
“Dream Island” was created in the style of the Lost World, where among prehistoric animals and wild plants the island with blue lagoons stretched its possessions, aquariums with exotic inhabitants is an island where dreams come true.
In the arsenal of the water park there are 14 slides of different levels of extremity, 2 wave pools, 3 rivers over, a lagoon with an aquabar for 55 seats, a jacuzzi, a pool for water polo, a children's area of ​​about 3000 square meters, which features water and land rides for children, air hockey, table tennis. As well as SPA services, 9 baths and saunas of nations of the world, fish massage and many more interesting things!
The water park accommodates 3,500 simultaneous visitors.
Cost: for the whole day 185 UAH adults, 135 UAH children, days off 190 and 160 UAH respectively. Tuesday and Thursday discounts.

7. Waterpark Terminal (Brovary, Kiev region)

water park terminal brovary

On a huge area (20.5 thousand m2) of an indoor water park there are 11 various water slides.
A separate zone of the Aquapark called “Landing on the Moon” is intended for children. Here, the restless will be able to shoot from a water cannon, swim in the pool, frolic under the spray of warm geysers and enjoy the ride on the slides.
The water park has bars, restaurants, swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzi.
Cost: 100 UAH for children, 120 UAH for an adult weekday, 120-140, respectively, weekends and holidays.

8. Blue Bay, Simeiz

blue bay water park

Waterpark "Blue Bay" - the only water park in the Crimea working on sea water, located in the picturesque village of Simeiz, at the foot of the mountain cat.
"Blue Bay" can offer everything you need for a quality and memorable holiday: swimming pools (Big, Small, Round, Cascade, Children) with crystal clear sea water, water "Kamikaze", "Virage", "Tobogan", "Boa", "Multiplast", "Serpentine", a complex of water slides and attractions for children. Also on the territory of the water park there is a cafe, pizzeria "Celentano", a water bar, a shopping gallery, a beach accessories shop, a bank, currency exchange, lockers, showers, changing rooms, toilets, a first-aid post, a hotel, and parking for cars. And all this is near the sea and the beautiful landscapes of the South Coast. When the water park has a mini-hotel.
Cost: 300 UAH for adults, 190 UAH for children (10: 00-18: 00), 50% discount for residents of the South Coast.

9. Water World (Sudak)

water park pike perch

The water park covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters. A variety of water rides guarantees an unforgettable experience of unusual descents; piquancy of light overloads acceptable for people of any age; the feeling of “free flight” almost vertically - for extreme lovers; children's pool and slides - for younger visitors.
For those who do not like extreme sports and prefer a relaxing holiday - a river with a counter-flow, hydro-massage, recreational pools with an area of ​​1875 sq.m. with cascades, water curtains, fountains and geysers.
The territory adjacent to the pools is designed for the most comfortable rest of the visitors: shadow awnings, sun umbrellas, sun loungers are installed.
One of the most picturesque places of the water park is “Green Island” with an area of ​​300 square meters, where rest in the shade of trees is a special pleasure. Fans of dancing will be pleased with the day and night discos with water music fountains on the dance floor, powerful sound and light settings.
For a full and comfortable rest of visitors on the territory of the water park, Aquabar, Pizzeria "Celentano", retail outlets, luggage storage, safes for valuables, changing rooms, toilets, showers, first-aid post, guarded parking of personal vehicles are provided.
Cost: 290 ogrn adults, UAH 170 children per child complex (10: 00-17: 00), for residents of the South Coast of the Crimea a discount.

10. "Almond grove", Alushta

water park Alushta

Open water park, running in the summer.
The water park is located on the roof of its own hotel. It occupies a territory of 2 hectares.
The water park includes 6 swimming pools, 14 water slides, 4 platforms for descent from the slides, a solarium platform, and a VIP area. As well as waterfalls, fountains, jacuzzi, canals over, and other attractions. On the territory there is a studio-bar "Dolphin", children's cafe "Vitamin", fast food, luggage storage, safes for valuables, changing rooms, showers, toilets, medical center.
Cost: 310 UAH for adults, 270-290 UAH for children (10: 00-17: 00).

11. Zurbagan, Sevastopol

In the water park there are 15 various slides, 7 pools with modern water purification systems, a lot of comfortable and well-equipped recreational facilities, several cozy cafes, a photo studio and other entertainment and health programs. A fountain up to 15 m high, hydromassage, waterfalls, a shower of various modifications, located along the perimeter - all this complements the central pool with a diameter of 30 m.
Pools are filled with fresh water, which runs a complex cleaning system through modern powerful specialized systems made in Italy and Germany.
Under the shadow of the cozy "tents" are cafes for adults and children with a menu for every taste. It is possible to leave vehicles on a paid parking lot, choose souvenirs and other goods from a wide range of products offered, use the services of a photo studio.
Cost: 285 UAH for adults, 200 UAH for children (10: 00-18: 00)

12. "Banana Republic Aquaparkos", Evpatoria

Aquapark "Banana Republic" is a super-modern water entertainment complex, in which there are 8 pools and 25 different water attractions. For the convenience of tourists, the water park was built in such a way that it could be seen even from the Crimean Mountains. The complex is located in close proximity to the Simferopol-Evpatoria highway, on the seashore. This place is remarkable because it is equally convenient to get here from Sevastopol, Nikolaevka, Simferopol, Sak, Evpatoria.

At the same time on the territory of the water park, the total area of ​​which is 40,000 square meters. m, can relax more than 2500 people. For this, all the conditions. First, the shadow zone is organized, and secondly, comfortable and compact chaise lounges are installed. For greater comfort, lawns are laid out on the territory of the water park, exotic trees and shrubs are planted, which, in combination with waterfalls, create the feeling of being in an oasis. Copies of sculptures from the Polynesian Easter Island, the Three Indians fountain and the Star fountain give an exotic atmosphere to the park. The water park "Banana Republic" is a striking variety of attractions. The adult entertainment platform is represented by a large swimming "Caribbean Pool" with two cocktail bars on the water and hydro-massage, combining an active and relaxing holiday. From a distance you can see the highest rides in Ukraine "Red Pepper" and "Blue Fog", whose height exceeds 21 m. (Seven-story house). You should also visit the "Itita" Spit "," Hydraulic Pipe "," Tabagan "," Black Hole "," Slide for Rafts "," Cyclone "and" Multif ".
Cost: 320 UAH adults, 210 UAH children in height, all day.

13. Waterpark Beach, Lviv

The BEACH water park is the first complex in Lviv that combines entertainment, sports and recreational facilities. The total area of ​​this complex is 13.5 thousand m?, Of which 8.5 thousand m? occupies an aquapark and a fitness center.
in the entertainment area of ​​the BEACH aquapark there are 9 extreme slides of different lengths and difficulty levels, a children's pool, where for the youngest visitors of the BEACH aquapark there is a special children's area with a slide, a “swimming uzhikom” and a “mushroom”; recreational pools, a counter-current pool and the largest 50-meter pool in the Western region.
Visitors to the BEACH water park have a great opportunity to improve your health in the Roman steam bath and jacuzzi (the modern Roman steam bath and jacuzzi will relieve you of fatigue and fill the sea with positive energy), as well as relax in the Tropic and Hawaii bars in the wet zone.
Cost: 95 UAH for adults, 75 UAH for children for the whole day.

14. Aquarius (Nikolaev)

For water purification in an aquapark, the European purification system is used, in just 3 hours a full cycle of water replacement takes place, the temperature of which is constantly maintained - in the adult pool + 27C, in the children's pool + 32 C. In the pool of the water park, classes for children on educational and recreational swimming are held: I + MOM "GOLOVASTIKI" (classes for children aged 9 months to 3 years), "DOLPHINYATA" (classes for children aged from 3 to 6 years), "LAGUSHATA" (teaching children aged 7 years), " GOLDEN FISHES "(education of children of primary school age and swimming sport mode), "cabin boy" (education of children of high school age sporting swimming techniques). 4 classes in such groups cost from 52 UAH. up to 92 UAH. The same is carried out recreational swimming for adult visitors (92 UAH for 4 classes), water aerobics (80 UAH for 4 classes), hydro-massage (included in the cost of visiting the pool). Of course, there is a cafe-bar on the territory, where visitors can have a snack or quench their thirst. The water park complex includes a gym, sauna.
Cost: 40 UAH for adults, 25 UAH for children for 2 hours.

15. Limpopo, Ternopil

Limpopo Water Park, which is part of the whole hotel entertainment and recreation complex "Alligator", is open to visitors all year round, is the largest water park in western Ukraine. The water park covers an area of ​​4,200 square meters, and can simultaneously accommodate and accommodate 400 people. On the territory there are 6 pools with a total volume of about 1,500 cubic meters, the design of which takes into account the needs of both young visitors and adults - the depth varies from 1.9 meters to 20 centimeters. For young visitors, a separate corner with two pools, remarkable bright attractions, is thought out fountains. Without leaving the complex, visitors can relax in the spa-zone, which is equipped with various types of hydro and aero massage. Taking into account that this is not just a water park, but the whole industry of entertainment and recreation on the territory of the "Alligator" are: Turkish bath, beauty salon, sports halls, restaurant, cocktail bar, bowling club, billiards hall, disco, gym hall, conference room, car wash, guarded parking.
Cost: 10-20 UAH per hour.

16. Aquasphere (Donetsk)

The water park of Donetsk became the winner of the competition for the best houses and facilities built and commissioned in 2012 in Ukraine.
The composition of the water park includes several slides, which have no analogues in the CIS. In particular, it is a "dead loop", "Master Blaster" and three slides interlaced among themselves. The builders claim that there are no analogs of the dome in the world - having a diameter of 85 meters and a height of 25 meters, in summer time four segments of the dome will be moved apart after one.
Cost: 300 g ph adult, 200 UAH children weekdays.

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