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Kiev pools for adults and children

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Pool "Meteor"

Address: Dnipropetrovsk, st. A. Makarova, 27-a
Phone: +38 056 787-66-71, +38 056 787-66-72
Subscription price: Depends on the number of visits and time of visit
Price of a single visit: From 30 to 45 UAH depending on the time of visit
Description: Olympic standard pool 50m * 25m (10 paths), four pools with a modern water purification system for teaching children to swim, 2 saunas, stands for 800 seats, fitness and sports halls, spacious and comfortable changing rooms and showers; sports shop, relaxation area with a cozy cafe, Duration of classes - 3 hours, Schedule: daily from 6:00 to 22:00.
Water temperature (in degrees Celsius):
Water aerobics: Yes, there are classes in the pool on water aerobics. The schedule must be clarified in the Meteor pool. Aqua aerobics classes are held in the pool.
Subscription price: Depends on the number of visits from 340 UAH to 1350 UAH, Subscription for 6 months - 5000 UAH, Subscription for 3 months - 3300 UAH, Subscription for 3 months - 3300 UAH.
The price of a single visit: For adults, 90 UAH - a weekday, 100 UAH - a day off. For adults, 90 UAH is a weekday, 100 UAH is a day off.
Additional information and services: To purchase a subscription, you must have a certificate with the seal of a medical institution confirming the absence of contraindications for classes in the pool (therapist and dermatologist, for children - a pediatrician). ID document. Family swimming (occupation in the paddling pool) - the cost of a single visit: for adults - 80 UAH, for children - 70 UAH. A birthday for your child on land and water. Individual lessons for adults and children - 200 UAH. Massage.

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