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Kiev pools for adults and children

Brovary city
Donetsk city
Lugansk city
Odessa city
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Waterpark "Water World"

Address: Sudak,
Phone: +38 (06566) 33881
Subscription price:
The price of a single visit: full day: adult 120 UAH, children 60 UAH half a day: adult 90 UAH, children 45 UAH. Children:
  • height up to 100 cm - free of charge,
  • up to 130 cm - children's ticket,
  • over 130 cm - an adult ticket.

Total area: 20,000 sq.m.
Pools with a total area of ​​1600 sq.m.
Landscaping area: 5.000 sq.m. (grass, palm trees, shrubs, flowers)
Restaurant on 1200 sq.m.
Water disco: 300 sq.m.
Left-luggage offices, safes for valuables, locker rooms, showers, toilets, first-aid post

Wastewater Treatment Plant:
Italian equipment manufactured by the company "Myrtle Pools".
Water passes through several levels of mechanical and technical processing, the latest electronic equipment for monitoring and maintaining the level of chlorine and PH in water is installed. Chlorine content and water quality at the drinking level.

Children's swimming pool:
Designed for bathing children aged two to twelve years. The pool has three levels with a depth of 20 cm 40 cm and 60 cm. The pool is equipped with fountains and water curtains. In the children's pool there is a group of 3 slides. Launch platform with a height of 5 meters, the central slide "RAMP SLIDE" (width 4 m, length 6 meters) on both sides of which are two children's slopes (width 80 cm, length 8.5 meters). In the children's pool, an autonomous system for cleaning and disinfecting water.

Entertainment pool:
There are three depth levels in the basin - 80/100/120 centimeters, a river with a counter-current (water speed 5 km / h), an island of 300 sq.m. (aeration), cascades, water curtains, fountains.

The first set of slides:
"Women's Passion" is the most affectionate slide, a launch platform 8 meters high, a descent length of 45 meters, a diameter of 120 centimeters.
"Orange River" - a launch platform with a height of 14 meters, a descent length of 98 meters, a diameter of 130 centimeters. Part of the slide is closed.
"Kamikaze" - a launch platform with a height of 14 meters, a width of 120 centimeters and a length of 35 meters (average speed developed on a hill of 40 km / h).

The second set of slides:
"Black Hole" - slide for descending in circles - a closed pipe, a launch platform 12 meters high, a descent length of 85 meters, a pipe diameter of 140 centimeters. The color is red.
"Bluebeard" - a slide for descending in circles - a starting platform 10.5 meters high, a descent length of 63 meters.
"Multislide" is a launch platform 12 meters high, four tracks 60 centimeters wide and 35 meters long.
The slides were designed by the Canadian company "AMUSEMENT LEISURE WORLDWIDE" and comply with international safety standards.

A restaurant:
Menu - "Pizza Celentano"
Bar menu - "Planet Z"
The catering system involves professional bartenders, cooks, waiters and managers. The quality of food and drinks meets international standards.
Water temperature (in degrees Celsius):
Aqua Aerobics: None.
Additional information and services: Disco: A water disco, built with the latest technology (fountains are installed on the dance floor) and equipped with powerful and high-quality sound and light. Daily on the site it is planned to conduct day and night events with the participation of first-rate stars, professional dancers, DJs and presenters. In the daytime, the venue will host events for children, concerts, circus artists and other recreational activities. The area of ​​the dance floor is 300 sq.m. Sound power more than 5 kW.