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swimming pools for adults and children

Swimming pool "Slavutich"

Address: Zaporozhye, st. Ivanova, 24
Phone: +38 061 720-42-40
Subscription price:
The price of a one-time visit: swimming - 11 hryvnia a one-time lesson is necessary to buy a subscription for at least four classes, jumping to water - 9,5 UAH. one lesson.
Description: The largest - 50-meter - the pool of Zaporozhye, there is a tribune for spectators.
Water temperature (in degrees Celsius):
Aqua aerobics: Yes. In January 2007, a section of aqua aerobics was opened in Slavutich. Tel. for reference +38 066 456-83-03 (Victoria) For all the price is the same: 1 lesson-40grn, 4 classes-120grn, 8business-200;
TIME: TUESDAY, FOUR 7.00-20.00
Additional information and services: On the basis of the swimming pool there is a Sports School for swimming and diving, which employs up to 400 people. In addition, in the pool are engaged in groups of medical and physical treatment, as well as workers of the plant and members of their families (factory workers use a fifty percent discount when visiting the pool). About five hundred people are engaged in physical culture and health groups for swimming and diving. In addition, there is a solarium, an opportunity to engage in sports aerobics, shaping and bodybuilding.
For employees of the "motor" fitness classes are:
1 conclusion-10 UAH,
4 employment-40 UAH,
8 terms-80 UAH,
12 terms-120 UAH,
+1 times a week pool + 10grn;
NOT for employees of the "motor"
1 conclusion-20 UAH,
4 employment-80 UAH,
8 terms-120 UAH,
12 contracts-190 rn,
+ 1 time per week pool + 7.50;
MON, SR, PYOTN. - 17.00-18.00, 19.00-10.00 WT, SR, FOUR. - 18.00-19.00