What is icq-bots, and how to use them

Surely you at least occasionally, yes happen in icq ... And some people are constantly hung out there, I want to talk ... So, there are specially written programs that send a special message, you can get certain information. So, for example, you can find out the weather ... or the euro rate to the dollar ... or passwords to sites with a strawberry;) It all depends on your goals. Bots currently do not exist much, but the main functions, those that may be needed on the network - they perform. Also, most bots can get help by sending a message "help" (! Help or / help).

ICQ-Bot, is a means of obtaining various information from various sources, for example: news, weather forecasts, TV programs, horoscopes, exchange rates, etc. In addition, the bot can perform various network and ICQ operations, such as Whois domains and IP addresses, as well as calculating numbers and transcoding text.

To get a list of available commands, type the command! Help or its alias / h.

Teams Botha
Bot has a number of commands with which you can perform a specific operation to output information or solve certain problems. Below is a complete description of all of Bot's commands.

In addition, Boat supports the authorization of the query, for the output of the horoscope, weather forecast and TV program. To request a weather forecast, simply send Botu the name of the city; For a horoscope - a sign of the zodiac; For the TV program, the name of the channel.

1. INFO_bot (3494445) - Information and entertainment bot.
! Anek - random anecdote from the database
! Bor - a random quote with bash.org.ru
! Tv - TV program
! Rate - exchange rates
! Horoscope zodiac sign - horoscope for today
! Email to whom from 'subject' 'message' - send E-mail
! Weather city_name - weather for today
! Cities A - a list of cities with the letter A (for the weather)
! Feedback message - send feedback to admin

2. SMS_bot (3222956) - Free SMS sending
To send sms, you need to send the following text to the bot:
Freesms 7 ********** tekst
7 *********** - Number of the recipient (Without the sign "+")
Tekst - your text. The text can be in both Russian and Latin. The maximum length of one message in Russian is 44 characters, in the Latin alphabet - 114. Important! Guaranteed SMS delivery is provided only for the numbers of MTS, Beeline, Megafon (only Megafon Moscow), Tele-2, NSS, Smart, Indigo.

3. (232751971), (340783220), (273659333), (228609757) - sending SMS messages
On mobile more than eighty operators.

4. Translate_it! (1117918) - Boat - translator
So far, only Russian-English and English-Russian translations.
For translation, send a bot to the line, it automatically recognizes in which language it will translate.

Dmitry (01:40:23 25/06/2007)
Hello, dear bot!

Translate_it! (01:40:24 25/06/2007)
Greetings, dear bot!

5. Omen (47100848) - The portal of the portal Oomen
Wisely written, very bright. Of the possibilities - news, anecdotes, congratulations, toasts ... fortune telling, dofigischa all horoscopes. Alarm clock (: D), proxy (!), List of defaces.

6. The Islamic bot (500-205)
The Islamic bot is the first ICQ-bot (robot), created to provide information on the sources of Islamic dogma. Currently, the bot database contains six translations of the meaning of the Qur'an into Russian.

7. (7149342) - ICQ-bot, issuing aphorisms for any occasion.

8. (10838) - a bot-stockbroker will tell about quotations of currencies in the world Forex market.

9. (344095092) - information about the flights.

10. (474974) - weather
Send the name of the city and get a detailed forecast.

11. (9788159), (4309237), (4347951), (5005755) - anecdotes.

12. (47100848) - another multifunctional bot,
Including anecdotes, toasts and even the possibility of an alarm clock.

13. (100000036) - bash.org.ru Quote Originally Posted by Runet
Reports quotations from the main page of the site bash.org.ru by its serial number: 1, 2, ...

14. (317131651) generator mat.

15. (307268648) sadistic rhymes

16. (460444) - Gateway or gate
For anonymous communication and jokes.

17. (744444) SUPER !!! Bot helper;)

ICQ # 744444
December 28, 2006

Today, after a vacation for technical reasons, I returned to online number 744444.
This is an interesting ICQ robot, allowing you to communicate on its behalf with your friends.
For example, your friend's number is 123123123.
You are sending to 744444 the message:
! Start 123123123
Thereby creating a chat between your ICQ number and your friend's ICQ number.
Then, send a message like:
Hey. This is Vasya and this is my new ICQ number!
And the robot will send this message to Vasya;)
A friend will be very surprised, and will respond to the number 744444, something like
Come on? Where did you get it? ;)
A 744444 will accordingly send this response to you.
This way you will get a chat between you and your friend through the robot number.
To close the chat - send the command
! End

To a friend you can answer that you bought a number on shram.kiev.ua;))

18. (566899)

19. (1-033-535) Seo Bot

! Seo www.shram.kiev.ua - from TIC to outbound links
! Sgo www.shram.kiev.ua - TIC, PR, Backi, Yak, Dmoz, Стр. (Sr)
! Cypr www.shram.kiev.ua - TIC, PR, Backi. (Min)
! Links www.shram.kiev.ua - output of the list of outgoing links
! Whois www.shram.kiev.ua - WHOIS, beta version
! Domen www.shram.kiev.ua - check domain for work
! Subscr - subscription to the notice of the upcoming update, beta version
! Up - Checking the presence of AP in Yandex
! Ip2host ip - find host by ip
! Host2ip host - learn ip by host
! Rekl - about advertising in a bot
! Help - output help

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