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Useful programs for ICQ

QIP QIP A new, but most functional ICQ client written by Russian programmers. The client is new, but kindly half of the runet moved to him immediately upon appearance. download
Miranda IM Miranda IM is perhaps the easiest and most client-friendly plug-in client. I used it myself for 2 years, and then I moved to QIP download
& RQ (rus) & RQ - This client needs no introduction. It was used by half the Runet, and dosichpor enjoys. There is support for plugin skins and everything else. download
ICQ Lite (rus) Here I am silent. This is the official client of icq, I cannot say anything good about it, except that everyone uses it =) download
QIP Contacts Manager QIP Contact Manager is a software tool that helps you to backup your server's contact list in seconds, or vice versa to restore your server's contact list from a backup. download
jimm-rus jimm - The most popular Java ICQ client for mobile phones. download
Colibry im Project Colibry IM - Jabber, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo on your mobile phone! download
Agile messenger Agile Messenger MSN®, ICQ®, AIM®, and Yahoo! ® For pockets and Windows smartphones like Motorola MPX 200 download
ICQ for Mobile Version ICQ for mobile phones. The application from, modified and Russified Goodgulf. The best at the moment ICQ-client for mobile! Free, color, with full support for the Russian language and with a Russian interface download
ICQ_v2.1_palm ICQ-client under PalmOS from ICQ inc. It looks very nice on the "color" matrix. download
ICQ_v1.0_PocketPC ICQ_v1.0_PocketPC ICQ for Poketov =) easy and simple download / patch
Advanced UIN Regger Program for mass registration icq numbers. Works with a list of proxies. Registers 9 characters. Maybe you are lucky and you register a simpot icq number plate. download
UIN Generator Sw1ft Generator lists for brutus ICQ numbers. The program is almost universal and generates lists for any bruterers and pick-ups. download
icqKillContacts Cleaner Contact List of the specified ICQ number. It is unstable. Quality is not guaranteed. Removes all contacts from the specified asi. download
ICQ Password Changer 1.6 The prog is written by me (c) kas. Changes password and info on icq number. Saves a log, works through a proxy. Russian and Anglican interface. Saves settings in the ini file. download
NwG Infochanger 2 Also a good pass / info changer. Beautiful interface, many features. download
NwG Infochanger 1 Another good pass / info changer from Swift. Beautiful interface, many features download
info icq The program to determine the status of icq numbers. Just enter the number and click "Test". Even if Win is not being looked for, this does not mean that he is not. download
ICQ Redirect Redirecting messages from one ICQ number to another. download
AIM / ICQ Reg Date Drive in your data and you will see the birthday of your ICQ number. You can celebrate it. download
AIM / ICQ Self Remover The program determines who you are in the contact list. And it can remove you from someone else's Contact List. Very helpful. download
Status Check The program can determine the status of ICQ numbers. You can find out when the dude is hiding in the invisible. download
Multipass Program for changing passwords and information from a large number of Winov. Posted by raptor. Useful if screwed a bunch of asek and passes to change broke. download
c4cp2 2 versions of the password changer for icq from team C4. Console and regular versions. download
Invisible Checker Testing ICQ on invisibility. download
Multi ICQ Password changer v1.0 The program for changing passwords to large lists ace. download
Mut The program is a continuation of MPC, but it is refined and is able to separate Visible / Invisible into text documents. download
Salsafull The program allows you to see who your win in contact%). download
History QIP This is a utility that allows you to synchronize several QIP Stories and combine them. download