How to change ICQ / QIP password and transfer contacts

How to change the ICQ / QIP password and save or transfer contacts from the most famous instant messengers
(Instruction in pictures)

1. How to Change the QIP Password

Change Password QIP

Click on the button as shown in the picture

Change Password QIP

2.Turn contacts

Contact Manager QIP is a tool that helps you in seconds backup your server list of contacts or restore your server list of contacts from a backup copy. Also, the program will show you the full contents of your server list, which is usually not available for custom eyes. For those who have a problem with displaying the list of contacts in the form of numbers, the program also helps to add names to all contacts via the import function. Importing a contact list is available in several ways. From the QIP contact list file with the extension (* .cl), from the ICQ Pro contact list file with the extension (* .clb), from the backup file of the program with the extension (* .cmb). The last file (*. Cmb) will store all your current list of contacts in encrypted form, including lists of visibility, invisibility, ignored and others. The program supports all types of proxy servers that are possible in QIP.

Flip QIP contacts

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