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Article on restoring contacts in the client: qip.

Consider a fairly popular situation. You have been hijacked by Asya and you cannot log into it, and there are all the contacts. There are several options for restoring Contacts. Consider them.

  • 1. Option one
    Just stolen the number . qip, by the way, also stores the local version of the key. So First things first we download . This is the contact manager for QiP. If you just hijacked a number, then you can easily do this: Pour the program, open it) then enter the number and password on which you want to fill in your contacts and the contacts themselves =) Contacts lie on the path Qip / users / YourNumber / , do the recovery and everyone is happy.

  • 2. The second option
    It’s a nasty situation ... It looks like this: one fine day you go to your number, and there is no contact sheet , in such cases people are lost and "life begins anew". But in fact, everything is very simple. You would immediately like to open the Contact Manager and do everything as in option 1, but after a little thought you understand that this is pointless. because The file is empty, and there is nothing to copy. And now the solution: Open the Manager, enter the number, password, log in and select the file - the magic contact sheet is stored along the path Qip / users / YourNumber / BackupCL /, and everything is restored. Everything is simple.

  • 3.Option (for those who value traffic)
    It's no secret that these .cl files can be opened with a regular notepad (and not only them). So if you have the situation from the second option, then just open Qip / users / YourNumber / BackupCL / YourNumber, Copy the entire contents. Open Qip / users / YourNumber /, Delete Everything, and paste all the contents from backup and voila: You have all the contacts;)