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What you need to do to your favorite number plate stay with you forever

A good password must be set to both icq number, and on a prime email.

That's right - 5eRt% + 8 (numbers, letters, register, signs) - the speed of hacking is about 300 years
Not right - alena17 (word, numbers) - speed of hacking is 10 minutes

2. Security Question
To icq number on / password / setqa you need to set test questions. They must be complex and only you should know the answer.

3. Head
And of course, always think before you do something:

a) Click on an incomprehensible link to an infected site.
b) Download the file from the file hosting service or the site and run it without checking it with an antivirus
c) Put a tick to save the password while working in the computer club
d) Just say your password to someone :)