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Error in Skype: "Failed to connect"

Ошибка в Скайп: «Не удалось установить соединение»

Skype is a free proprietary software with closed code that provides text, voice and video communication between computers (IP telephony) over the Internet, optionally using peer-to-peer network technologies, as well as paid services for calls to mobile and landline phones. As of the end of 2010, the program had 663 million users. Most of the developers and 44% of the employees of the general department are located in Estonia - Tallinn and Tartu.

Often, when Skype starts up, users get the “Failed to connect” error, which appears during authorization and thus does not allow to log in to Skype. However, after the developers disconnected the old versions from the online, the number of users who encountered this error has greatly increased.

Ошибка в Скайп: «Не удалось установить соединение»

The biggest problem of this error is that the user does not know why Skype gives this message and therefore does not know how to fix it. By itself, the phrase “Failed to establish a connection” only says that Skype cannot connect to the server, but does not say what it means, why it happens and most importantly, how to fix the error. Well, let's answer these questions and try to fix this problem with the connection.

What does this error mean?

The fact is that when we enter our username and password, Skype sends this data to the official server to check their accuracy, and the server in turn informs the program if the authorization was successful. So, this error means that Skype does not receive a response from the server and, accordingly, refuses to authorize the user.

Why can't Skype connect?

This can happen for a variety of reasons. The most famous among them are:

  • The old version of Skype is used.
  • Firewall blocks Skype
  • Computer is not connected to the Internet or is not configured correctly
  • Internet provider or network administrator has banned the use of Skype
  • There was a critical failure in the program
  • The official server is unavailable

How to fix a connection error?

Since there may be several reasons for the error, there is no one-to-one advice. This is why I have listed below various methods for resolving the error:


As a rule, most often the error occurs when the old version of Skype is used and, accordingly, to fix it, you need to install the latest version. You can download the latest version at .


The second popular reason why this occurs is the incorrect setting of the Internet Explorer browser. Since this browser is an important component of the Windows operating system, its incorrect configuration can lead to errors in different programs (as you understood, one of them was “Could not connect” in Skype). To correct the error, you need to reset Internet Explorer settings.


Often, Skype cannot establish a connection with the server if the network administrator, Internet provider or firewall restricts access to domains. To do this, first try to temporarily disable the firewall and re-open this page - if you fail again, contact your network administrator or Internet service provider for assistance.


Although quite rare, but sometimes Skype servers stop working properly. If they work properly, then the error is on your side, and you must fix it yourself. And if the servers do not work - you just need to wait a bit until the developers fix the error.


For other reasons unknown to me, the error “Connection failed” may also occur. I don’t know if Skype files were damaged (for example, database, configuration file), some OS processes are not working properly or something else - I only know that you can simply restart Skype, or even your computer, to fix the problem. Sometimes it helps to delete the following files:

  • % appdata% \ Skype \ shared.lck
  • % appdata% \ Skype \ shared.xml