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Skype status indicator on the site (SkypeWeb) / Get a Skype button / Skype status generator

The ability to display your status is temporarily disabled on the skype server :(

Индикатор статуса Skype на сайте (SkypeWeb) / Get a Skype button

Skype buttons can be used on your website, blog or even in your electronic signature to allow other people to easily connect with you.

You can choose one of the options below, or customize colors, functions and styles, sizes using our Skype buttons wizard .

1. Enter the name

2. Select an image

2. Buttons with status

If you want your button to always reflect the availability information via Skype, for example, "Skype Me!" or "I'm at a meeting . " This status will be visible to people from your contact list, as well as to others through a search.

!!! It is mandatory to go to the program settings, the Security tab and activate the "Show my status on the network" option as on the picture below:

If you use Skype forwarding to landline or mobile, you will pay SkypeOut a commission at the call rate, except that you must have money in your account. (Redirecting to another Skype name is free.)

3. Screening

Loading ...

4. Copy the code and paste it on the site