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The technology of manufacturing special
oils are also lubricants

Preparation of machine oil

Various small machines require very pure oil to lubricate their metal elements, in addition, bone oil is usually recommended. However, not to mention the fact that it is relatively expensive, it is not always prictic to get it easily. As a consequence, we consider it necessary to cite the following ingenious means of preparing a very good engine oil. Take a tall glass jar, pour it into 2/3 of good vegetable oil (for example, sunflower), and also immerse the lead plate there: the larger the surface of the latter, the better, only because it is best to give it a cylindrical shape (a piece of pipe) . The height of the plate must correspond to the oil level, and the oil must also touch the entire surface of the plate. The vessel is then closed tightly with a lid, placing it on 2-3 moons in such a place where it would be shaken: during this time all the sewage will settle partially on the surface of this plate, partly on the bottom of the vessel. At that time, carefully remove the plate and drain the oil into a new vessel designed to store the oil. Oil purified in this way may well replace expensive bone oil.

Lubricant for machine wheels

Take 200 elements of rapeseed oil, 1 share of the addition of water in addition to water, at the discretion, boil with unchanged stitching on an open fire until saponification. Then, the vessel is transferred to a water steam bath, 100 additional vaseline oil elements are added, 150 parts of bovine fat are also 30 elements of talc

Lubricant for broaching on presses

Dissolve 5 kg of soap in 5 liters of water and warm the solution up to 60 "C. 3 liters of wood oil and 2 liters of glycerin are mixed in. Add 500 g of strong ammonia and as much hot water to the resulting mix, so that the total capacity of the mixture is 25 liters. in the heated form.

Grease for sealing the cranes

In order to prepare a compacting mixture for cranes, we advise you to take 2 elements of fat and also 2 parts of wax also to mix. A mixture for the use of glass stoppers is prepared by mixing together equal elements of glycerin in addition to paraffin.

Lubricant used for cutting screws

1) A mixture of rapeseed oil or melted lard with turpentine.

2) A mixture of rapeseed oil or melted lard with liquid mineral oil.

3) A mixture of rapeseed oil, blubber or soap with a concentrated solution of soda, for example: 1 the proportion of butter is also mixed with 10 parts of a solution of soda.

Lubricant used in drilling very hard steel

We recommend the following composition: mix 1 part of camphor alcohol with 4 parts of turpentine, pour the steel also allow some time to stand.

Oil for sewing machines

Take 1 share of rapeseed oil, heat up to 50 "C and mix 3 elements of vaseline oil.

Cleaning of lubricating oils

If the lubricating oil used in it contains a little bit of tin or metal particles, it does not lose any of its properties and can also be used further, later cleansing of these impurities. For this purpose, the oil is collected in special tanks with a crane located on the high 5-10 cm from the bottom, because all the impurities fall to the bottom. Precipitation also precipitation of metal particles can be accelerated if the tank is put in a warm place. The oil emitted from the tank is filtered through 2-3 layers of flannel or linen, each layer of matter being placed one from the other at a gap of 6 cm. Animal fats start additionally vegetable oils that are rancid due to consumption or give an acid reaction, cause corrosion also worsen the surfaces of trunnions. Therefore, it is necessary to destroy the acidity of such oils, which is best achieved by washing them in lime water. The oil thus purified floats to the surface of the water and can also be used again.

Putty for fixing steel equipment in stone can be prepared according to the following recipe (in parts by weight): dry ingredients are mixed - iron filings (100), gypsum (300), ammonia (5) also dilute this mishmash with a 9% so called canteen , vinegar (40-60) until the desired consistency. The putty is used immediately.

The seal putty eliminates the spontaneous unscrewing of the nuts, replacing the various locking washers. Talc is kneaded in nitro-enamel in a ratio of 1: 3 and is diluted to the desired consistency with acetone or a solvent for nitro dyes.