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Agar-agar - A product derived from seaweed - sparophytes. The main property is the ability to form dense gels. It consists of polysaccharides, water plus minerals.

Aiva - A family of shrubs also trees of the Rosaceae family.

Aldehite anise - An organic substance of the formula C8H8O2. A liquid with the smell of hawthorn flowers.

Aldehite cinnamon - An organic substance of the formula C9H8O. A liquid with the smell of cinnamon.

Alabaster - One of the crystalline hydrates of calcium sulphate, 2CaSo4 * H2O. Snow white powder (when solidified into gypsum).

Alkanin - A dark red dye, extracted from the root of the alkane by petroleum ether. Anthracene derivative.

Albumin (s) - Well-soluble proteins in water, contained in serum, egg white.

Aluminum sulphate - Aluminum sulphate. Under ordinary conditions, Al2 (SO4) 3 * 18H2O crystalline hydrate is readily soluble in water.

Aluminum acetic acid - Aluminum acetate ((CH3COO) 3Al Crystals hydrolyzed with water.

Aluminum chloride - Aluminum chloride AlCl3 Colorless crystals. It exists in the form of crystalline hydrate AlCl3 * 6H2O, it is readily soluble in water.

Ambretol (ambretollid) - Colorless liquid with a strong flower-musky odor.

Ammonia - Ammonia solution (NH3) in water. It has a characteristic sharp odor and an alkaline reaction.

Ammonia caustic - Concentrated aqueous solution of ammonia. Liquid with a pungent odor.

Ammonium dichromate - dichromate ( bichromate ) of ammonium (NH4) 2Cr2O7. Orange-red crystals, soluble in water.

Ammonium sulphide - Yellow crystals, unstable in the atmosphere.

Ammonium chloride - Ammonium chloride, NH4CI. Colorless crystals, readily soluble in water.

Aniline blue - The azine dyes, obtained from aniline, are mixtures of substances of different structures.

Asbestos - A group of minerals that can be broken into thin, strong fibers.

Asphalt - Mishter of bitumen (consists of oils, resins, etc.) and mineral materials.

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