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Copay balsam - A pale yellow liquid extracted from the wood of some species of South American trees of the genus Copaifera of the family of the tesalpinaceae. It consists of essential oils and resin.

Balsam Peruvian - Aromatic natural substance extracted from some species of South American trees, also consisting of essential oils and resins dissolved in it. Syrupy liquid.

Sulfur Barium - Barium Sulfide, BaS. Poor soluble in water.

Barium sulfate - Barium sulfate , BaSO4. Colorless, water-insoluble crystals.

White barite - Paints based on precipitated barium sulphate.

Lead White - Lead Carbonate Based White, PbCO3

White zinc - White based on zinc oxide, ZnO.

Gasoline is a fraction of oil with a boiling point of 30-200 ° C. Contains saturated hydrocarbons with 4 to 12 carbon atoms.

Benzene - C6H6 Liquid with a characteristic odor, does not mix with water. It is poisonous.

Biochip (DNA chip) - is a carrier plate with an area of ​​about 1 sq. Cm, on which cells containing immobilized single-stranded oligonucleotides with a unique sequence of bases are located in a certain order. The number of cells can be up to 1 million per 1 cm 2.

Blanfix - See whitewash barite.

Manganese borate - Manganese salt of boric acid H3BO3 existing in the form of hydrated meta-, tri- and tetraborate.

Bornyl Acetate - Natural fragrance derived from fir oil. The main component is a terpenoid association with a coniferous smell.

Boroglycerol - A solution of boric ester of glycerin C3H5BO3 * H2O in glycerin.

Paper litmus - Paper soaked in a solution of litmus plus dried.

Borax - Sodium tetraborate decahydrate, Na2B4O7 * 10H2O Crystals soluble in water. Component of fluxes, fertilizers, detergents, glasses plus others.

Degrees Baume - 0 ° Baume corresponds to the immersion of the oreometer in a 10% aqueous solution of salt NC1; 10 ° Baume corresponds to immersion in clean water. The scale is divided into 15 equal elements. At 15 °, the scale is referred to as normal.

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