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Glossary of terms

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- F -

Gelatin - a protein preparation obtained by partial hydrolysis of the protein of higher collagen animals. When swelling in water forms gels.

Iron acetic acid - Iron acetate. It exists in the form of tetrahydrate (CH3COO) 2Fe * 4H2O. Greenish crystals, soluble in water, also alcohol.

Iron chloride - Ferric chloride, FeCl2. Very soluble in water.

Bile gall is a secret produced by the cells of the liver of a bull.

Fat of fish - Fat, obtained from the liver of cod fish.

- 3 -

Gold leaf - See tin-bisulphide.

Gold chloride - Gold trichloride, AgCl3. Red crystals soluble in water.

- And -

Lime "Viennese" - Mash of calcium oxides (CaO) is also magnesium (MgO).

Lime acrid - Calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2 A snow-white powder, soluble in water.

Burnt lime - A product of roasting limestone, chalk and other carbonate rocks. It consists mainly of calcium oxide, CaO.

Lime slaked lime - Hydrated lime, calcium hydroxide, Ca (OH) 2, is obtained by "quenching" quicklime, CaO, water.

Lime chloride - A substance of complex composition, consisting of calcium hypochlorous Ca (OCl) 2, calcium chloride CaHl2 is also calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2.

Ginger - A family of perennial grasses, a spicy plus medicinal culture.

Indigo - Cubic dye of blue color, obtained from natural raw materials also by synthesis route.

Indigo carmine - Indigo variation.

Ionone 100% - Synthetic fragrant with the smell of violet (in diluted form). A mixture of isomers with the predominance of only an ionone.