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Glossary of Terms

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Incense dew - Resin obtained from various trees of the Styrax family (grow in Western India, Indochina).

Prussian blue - Blue pigment composition Fe4 [Fe (CN) 6] 3.

Asphalt varnish - Varnish based on the components of bitumen and vegetable oils.

Kopalovy varnish - Varnish obtained from digging. - fossilized natural resin.

Mastic varnish - Varnish made from mastic.

Litmus - A coloring matter obtained from some lichens. An aqueous solution is an indicator (in an acidic environment - red, in an alkaline - blue).

Lanolin - Yellow ointment. A complex mixture of organic compounds.

Ligroin - Liquid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by distillation of oil with a boiling point of 120-235 ° C.

Lysoform - Soap solution of formaldehyde, used as if an antiseptic.

Lapis - See silver nitrate.