Glossary of terms

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Paraffin - A mishmash of saturated hydrocarbons C18-C35 with a melting point of 40-65'С.

Peck (black resin) - A ferocious or viscous product of black color.

Pumice - Porous light volcanic rock.

Perborox - See sodium nadibornokisly.

Perhydrol - 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide with stabilizing additives.

Barium peroxide - Crystals of composition BaO2, poorly soluble in water.

Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. Colorless liquid.

Magnesium peroxide - A colorless crystalline substance, obtained by finishing magnesium hydroxide with 30% hydrogen peroxide at 0 ° C.

Manganese peroxide - manganese dioxide, manganese dioxide (IV), gray-black crystals, insoluble in water.

Sodium peroxide - Crystals of composition Na2O2, soluble in water.

Zinc Peroxide - White powder of composition ZnO2 * H2O. It is formed by prolonged finishing of zinc hydroxide with anhydrous hydrogen peroxide.

Pepper English - Variation of pepper genus of climbing shrubs.

White pepper - Variation of pepper of a kind of climbing shrubs.

Platinum ammonia - Crystals, soluble in water.

Platinum chloride - Platinum dichloride PtCl2. Olive green crystals, insoluble in water.

Platinum chloride - Platinum tetrachloride PtC4. Brown crystals, soluble in water.

"Lonso" - Aniline, dye.

Lime powder - Finely chopped lime.

Potash - Potassium carbonate, Ka2CO3. Soluble in water crystals.

Zinc dust - Finely ground zinc metal powder.