Glossary of terms

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- T -

Talc - Natural magnesium hydrosilicate Mg3Si4O10 (OH) 2. Snow white powder.

Tannin (tannin) - A mixture of natural substances with an impressive number of phenolic groups is also a tanning act.

Cottage cheese (casein) - Casein - the first protein component of milk.

Textiloid - A plastic substance used in place of rubber.

Terpentine Venetian - A resinous substance, isolated from coniferous trees. Raw materials for the production of rosin plus turpentine.

Terpineol - Low -melting crystalline odorous substance.

Timol - Poorly soluble in water crystals.

Cumin - Oilseed plant, a family of a couple - plus perennial grasses of the umbrella family.

Peat - Sedimentary plant of plant origin. Dark brown mass.

Tragant - The tar-dried tar, resulting from cracks or incisions on the trunk, also the roots of some Astragalus shrub species.

- U -

Carbon sulfurous - See carbon disulphide.

Wood charcoal - A porous product formed during the pyrolysis of wood.

Coal animal - Coal, obtained by charring animal remains (bones, blood, etc.)

Bone coal - Coal, obtained by charring bones.

Vinegar - Aqueous solution of acetic acid CH3COOH.

Vinegar vinegar - Vinegar obtained from fermented wine.

Vinegar is strong - See acetic acid.

Ultramarine - Pigment of green, blue or purple. It turns out when fusing kaolin with soda is also gray.

Umbra (paint) - Natural iron oxide brown pigment.