Glossary of terms

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Vaseline - An ointment mishmash, obtained by thickening naphthenic oils with solid paraffinic hydrocarbons.

Vanillin - Polyfunctional benzene derivative containing an aldehyde group. Colorless needles with a vanilla scent are also a burning taste. Contained in fruits of vanilla.

Var (Carboniferous) - A cruel residue, formed during the distillation of coal tar.

Viodoran (viodoron, viodoren) - The trade name of the synthetic fragrance a-ionone.

Bismuth - Group V metal of the periodic table

Bismuth nitrate - Bismuth nitrate, usually exists as a crystal hydrate of the formula Bi (NO3) * 5H2O (colorless crystals).

Bismuth sulfide - bismuth sulphide, Bi2S3. Black crystals, insoluble in water.

Bismuth chloride - Bismuth chloride, BiCl3. Colorless crystals, hydrolyzed by water, soluble in alcohol.

Water zhavelevaya - A solution of chlorine in aqueous solution of caustic sodium (sodium hydroxide).

Lime water - A saturated aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2.

Water of orange colors - A liquid obtained from orange flowers.

Rose water - A liquid obtained from the flowers of roses.

Vodka is strong - See nitric acid.

VORVAN - Fat of marine mammals is also some fish (eg, cod).

Wax - Amorphous fat-like substance. It can have a vegetable, an animal, but it seems like an artificial beginning (from oil).

Candelilla wax - A solid mass of yellow, extracted from some species of cactus, which grows in the US also in Mexico.

Carnauba Wax - It is extracted from the leaves of palms. The main component is the ester of cerotinic acid.

Wax mineral - A white or brown waxy substance (a mixture of solid paraffin hydrocarbons).

Shellac wax - See shellac.

Japanese wax - Glycerin fatty ether (palmitic