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Glossary of terms

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Different types of glue, usually used for gluing porcelain, faience, glass, opaque also differ in yellowish coloration, leaving a noticeable ugly trace in the places of adhesion. In this respect, the clear transparent colorless glue, prepared according to the following method, is also an unquestionable advantage. In a hermetically sealed bottle mix 55 g of chloroform with 68 g of very finely chopped rubber. At which time the final is completely dissolved, 10 g of the superior grade of "grainy" or "drip" mastic is also added to the mixture, and the days are left for eight (the time during which the whole mastic dissolves), after which the glue so prepared is suitable for use. Glued porcelain, faience, glass are held very tightly, and in the places of adhesion no trace of glue is visible at all.