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Glossary of terms

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The method of preparation of this cement is the simplest. The lead gland is also rubbed very carefully into the finest powder, which is then dried in a furnace at a high temperature and mixed with glycerin, until a liquid mass of the same consistency as Portland cement is obtained. Prepared in this way, cement can not only replace portland in all cases without exception, but also exceeds its resistance by its hardness as well. Glycerin cement quickly hardens in the air also in water; completely impermeable to moisture; when hardened, its capacity does not change in any way, so that this cement does not alienate even the slightest cracks or even the smallest holes. Glycerin cement is also not afraid of temperature, even very high, which can be discussed by the fact that, as shown by experiments, it can withstand any heating up to 300 ° C without any change. Finally, another excellent property of glycerin cement: it very firmly adheres to various kinds of objects from porcelain, faience, unsophisticated clay, etc., with the glued elements not even afraid of hot water, nor the common heat. In short, glycerin cement in its excellent qualities is an "ideal of cement."