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Glossary of terms

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Take cottage cheese (casein) also gradually add it to a saturated borax solution, until the cottage cheese is no longer dissolved. You will get a thick transparent liquid, which has a great stickiness, suitable for labeling, postage stamps, etc. Before the label, the object should be slightly moistened. Adding to this glue several drops of liquid formalin Schering can make it durable.

Casein glue is used for gluing wood, preferably with pressing, cardboard, however it is also similar for gluing wood to paper, tissue, skin. Casein, which is a radiant powder, is bred in cold water until the density of sour cream, pouring water in small portions and mixing thoroughly for 40-50 minutes. Ready to apply the adhesive in an hour and a half. Apply the glue with a brush to both glued surfaces, which after 4-6 minutes are tightly compressed also withstand at least 6-8 hours . Full drying will occur in 18-20 hours.

The dried glue is much more resistant to high temperature and humidity than joinery glue. The addition of aluminum alum ( 100 g / l ) acts glutinous association more water resistant. The glue must be antiseptirovat, in another way, when the hygroscopic materials do not dry out quickly, mold is formed and the details can be spoiled. For antiseptics, the glue is diluted in a 10-15% solution of ammonia (ammonia alcohol) or add 200 g / l of borax to it. It should be remembered that the glue leaves stains, especially noticeable on light wood, and over time, these specks can be made more contrast.

Overwhelmed (more than 4-6 hours ) also thickened glue should not be diluted with water: it lost its gluing ability.