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A collection of methods for the manufacture of technology secrets for all occasions


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A thinned layer of glue is applied to the prepared degreased surface (for epoxy resin fiberglass), rubbed with a tampon, then sprinkle the surface with bronze powder (bronze paint sold in household goods) then walk along the entire surface with a dry tampon so that the bronze adheres well and leave to dry.

Next, prepare a solution of a pair of chlorine tin. We take hydrochloric acid, we throw pieces of pure tin into it, and we also put it on the water steam room (tin is etched in hydrochloric acid at a temperature somewhere from 90 degrees). We were warming the water bath somewhere for about 6 hours , then we took the system to which the bronze paint stuck, make a drain, we can press the bare copper wire on the outskirts, if the system is an impressive type of dish - there should be several outlets. You can drill holes insert bolts.

Next, pour or apply with a brush a solution of a pair of chlorine tin. Bronze will brighten, the surface is conductive (precipitated tin). We lower the whole structure into some kind of capacity (minus our product, plus some copper gizmo), pour in the electrolyte, connect the voltage at a rate of 0.1A per 1kv dm, if the current surface turns out to be loose (during normal electrolysis, copper settles evenly, well soldered). Can be coated with silver. If gaps have formed, you can correct it with a simple pencil.

As for the solution, I definitely don’t remember, but it can be found in every publication on electroforming, I remember that there was copper sulphate, a little sulfuric acid and a little alcohol, you can liquid ammonia or moonshine.

At what time he was engaged in electroforming, tried to precipitate copper on quartz. The current should be somewhere between 0.2 and 0.5 mA , the quartz at 9 MHz drove up to 8 MHz , if you switch the polarity upwards - it went somewhere up to 9.3 MHz further ... Actually, you need to carefully cover the rosin with the rosin in alcohol. And yet, if you poison rewards in blue vitriol, it can be updated to improve as well. Try to lower a pair of graphite rods from the batteries into the pickling solution, connect them to the battery through a light bulb from a flashlight at night. In short, until the solution becomes brighter, blue crystals will start to replace copper, such a solution is working faster, I have a 3-liter canister diluted in the year 85 and also still poisons it.

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