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The proposed means of manufacturing satellite "plates" will allow to obtain acceptable reception quality at a much lower cost of the antenna.

for manufacturing you need a real metal antenna, which you can ask for it's time for friends.

Place the antenna with the convexity upwards, cover the surface with paraffin ( 1/5 candle ), warm up the hair dryer so that the layer is thin also uniform. From the wire (preferably steel), fold a grid on the plate. In places of intersection, you can tie a thin wire ( cell 5-15cm ). On the perimeter it is desirable to place a ring of wire with a diameter of 4-5 mm .

Take alabaster ( 10kg with a diameter of 90cm ), stir the electro-drill up to the state of viscous sour cream (stir with water) and instantly pour on a plate with a piece of iron. Using a spatula, smooth the surface ( thickness 10-15mm ). The strength of the liquid solution will become low. Instead of alabaster, you can apply a cement-sand grout, but the setting time in this case will be 28 days instead of 3 hours. If you make an antenna in a humid environment, it must be covered with a film.

After drying, a smooth surface should be painted and glued on the foil ( 50-100 microns thick, which is used in cooking) in such a way that there were no bubbles. Instead of the foil, you can mix the paint or the varnish with graphite also try to apply (the foil of this thickness will not last long, the layer thicker will not repeat the surface with a tolerance of + -0.5mm ).

With the received antenna measurements were not carried out, but when replacing the regular metal on the alabaster antenna, the channels that "snowed" - continued to "snow" with the same level. This expresses a good result of the experiment. Strength, but the essence of rigidity - exceeds the metal.