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Glossary of terms

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From sheet getinax thickness of 1.5-2 mm, make a remuneration of the right size, then the size of the reward cut out a plate of copper foil with a thickness of no more than 0.1 mm .

One side of the getinax, but it looks like the foil is peeled off with a fine sandpaper so that they become rough (the foil should be put on the glass), then degrease (washed with alcohol, acetone or ether), dry well, also thin the foil also with a thin layer of BF-2 glue (about 10 minutes ), after which another layer of glue is applied, we apply the foil to the getinax, making sure that there are no light bubbles between the foil and the getinax. Getinaks with glued foil clamped between the double metal plates, and between the foil and a metal plate you need to lay a couple of three sheets of whatman paper.

As a clamp it is possible to use clamps or screws, for which holes are drilled along the edges of metal plates. The bag collected in this way is held for 1 hour at room temperature, but then for 1.5-2 hours at a temperature of 100-150 ° C. If the size of the workpiece is small, the package can be pressed to the ironing surface of the electric iron with a thermostat.

If the area of ​​the workpiece is large, then the assembled package is laid horizontally, so that the plate, to which the foil is pressed, was also placed on top of it with a hot iron. After aging at a high temperature, the bag is forced to cool down to room temperature, after which a foiled Getinax is removed.

If you disassemble the non-heated package, then the foiled Getinax can be severely wrinkled.

VG Bastanov, "300 practical advice"